Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 Weeks!

On Friday December 31 we had her 2 week check up. P weighs 8lbs 15oz. She is 22.5 inc. in length.
This is the face she makes usually when she is done eating. So cute!

 Grandma Parry kissing her head
 Grandpa Hall and P take a nap on Christmas
 Dane kissing Peyton's nose

PTH is now 2 weeks old and oh how they have flown by. It's funny how the second I found out I was expecting I wanted time to speed up and now that she is here I just want it to slow down, but it seems as if it's doing exact opposite...
* She does this thing where she won't open both eyes, she only opens one it's just a little. That's when we know she is dead tired.
* If you try and swaddle her she some how manages to get her arms out. She hates having them tucked in so now we don't even bother.
* She sometimes cries and it sounds like a little pig squeal (to go along with the snorting I mentioned the last post)
* She has no problem lifting her head, her neck is so very strong. 
* Peyton seems to be waking up around 4 then 6 then back to sleep till 9... I hope this doesn't become a habit... It's only been the last few days. Lets go back to last weeks sleeping schedule that was nice.
* She had her 1st real bath and she loved it! I even got some smiles out of her, I think she likes being naked.
* I left her for the first time for four hours. It was hard I got a little teary eyed, but Mike was there to cheer me up.
* Mike let her suck on an orange peel for a few seconds. P HATED it, she made some really funny faces though.
* Peyton loves her daddy and his kisses. Even though he doesn't shave.
* She has only had a little bit of baby acne, but I've heard it gets worse. (same with the cradle cap)
* Sometimes when she sleeps she makes a little sigh every time she breaths out. It's adorable!
* Just in case you haven't noticed she has the cutest double chin.