1 Year

She got 6 shots at her 1 year check up, poor kid. She did much better with the shots than earrings by far.  She is 32'' long and 20.6 something pounds which puts her in the 97th percentile for height and 52nd for weight! He asked me how many words she is saying I said oh about 15 I think he said WOW she is good then. I guess they have to be saying at least 2. I made a list because I wanted to know how many she says. Ma Ma, Da Da, Ba Ba, Kilo, Sit, Down, OOO and OH, Hi, Uh Oh, MMM, Co Co, Mi Mi, Nigh Night, Right There, NO, Thank You. I think i'm missing a couple, but those she can all say. She signs more and points when I ask her were something is. She also knows to be "soft" with Kilo. Any many more. As far as what can't say, but understands what I'm talking about amazes me. For example I tell her to "Turn Around" to go down the stair on her belly and she knows she just needs that little reminder or else she will just stand at the top and throw stuff down them...

This month Peyton has continued to amaze me. Her personality is really shining through, even the stubborn side.
* No is her favorite word... She doesn't know what it means because I was saying it to my dog. I've tried to never say no to her unless its a big deal. I just distract her with something else so I don't have to say it. She is also saying mi mi (minnie mouse), co co (Colton) and Hi especially when she has her phone up to her ear...
*She fell out of the crib, bad parenting on my part. I should have lowered it. I didn't think she's climb over, but one morning she came crawling in the hall way with a bloody lip luckily the tears and blood didn't last long. I won't ever make that mistake again.
*Pey sleeps from 10 to 8 depending on the day and if she is teething. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she just plays in her crib for a while and lets me sleep in.
*She loves books, that's all she wants to do. I know that is from her dad because I don't read!
* She is now only walking if she does crawl it's rare. She also tries to run, but trips in her jeans.
* The hotdog song from Mickey Mouse club house is her favorite. Mike sings it all the time....
* I gave her a skittle and she was in 7the heaven! She LOVED it. She said mmm like 10 times with 1 skittle.
* Last month Mike and I took her to my parents and she played in the leaves. She kept crunching them in her hands.
* She loves the wind, I worry it will get her sick, but she laughs when it hits her face.
* She has 2 bottom teeth and I kid you not she is getting 5 on top. She wakes up and just cries I hate it, it breaks my heart. Luckily I have the numbing stuff and it works. Yes I tried it to see :)
* I had a Relief Society dinner the same night Mike had Scouts so I had to take Pey. I put her in with the Nursery kids so I could hear the speaker. I teared up a little then I realized how nice it was to be able to listen again. The next 8 months church is going to be very difficult.
* My friend Kristen and I were shopping and I guess we say "Cute" a lot because  we put a bow on Pey's head and very clearly she said  CUTE! We both looked at each other and laughed. From now on when I put a bow on her head I get her to say it. :)
* She absolutely loves food and sugar! If I make her a bottle or rice cereal she won't drink it if she knows there is other food cooking or being eaten.
* She went to her first movie The Muppets. She was good for the first part. Then wanted to walk around. Then wore her self out running in the Hall. When she fell asleep I got to watch a the end of it.
* She is a mooch! If she sees something cool or yummy she wants it and doesn't care who you are! Like the people behind in the movie had popcorn and she wanted some. Her yogurt melts weren't doing the job.
* I can't take her to the store. First because she hates sitting in the cart, I showed her she could stand in the big area and now that is all she wants to do. Crap. Second because all of the elderly want to see the little girl I get stuck talking to random people. A quick trip for Milk or something in non existent.
* We were in line at In-N-Out and she kept saying "mmm mmm mmm." I decided we go there too much.
*We took her 1 year pictures and she was an onry butt the whole time, she didn't even smile when eating the cake, but she LOVED it. I think she would have ate the whole thing if I would have let her.

Pey had her first fever. She woke up and was fine, but I noticed she was really cuddly and just wanted to be held. Which is not like her at ALL!  We were just watching some Disney when I felt how hot she was I took her temp and it was 102.8   I was a mess. I was so worried I called up my doctor and luckily a nurse calmed me down. Mike left work and brought me some baby Tylenol which is what the nurse said to do. I gave her a bath with the water at room temperature another thing the nurse said to do. It was going down a few hours later it was at 100.3  I held her all day and she slept a lot and just wanted to be close to me. It was really sweet. In a way I'm kind of glad I got to have that cute little sick day with her. Other than the fact I was scared out of my mind. Oh and I learned later the reason for the fever is that she was cutting (getting) her top two teeth.
December 19th
Pey woke up early sheesh she didn't even sleep in on her birthday ;) Daddy got to wish her a happy Birthday before work though. She ate her favorite breakfast and we played for a few hours just me and her giggling she was really really happy. I kept singing Happy Birthday to her just to get her ready ha ha ha. Then we cleaned and rearranged furniture for her party that night.
We got ready and headed to the mall, we met up with my friend Kristen. We went down to Clairs and waited in line for 45 min. Finally it was our turn they asked to see my ID. Sure enough I didn't have it because a few months earlier I lost it, it this same mall.... GREAT the girl said she couldn't do it with out the mothers ID. So my friend Kristen said well what if I'm the mom now and the girl said no. I was MAD. I've been waiting a year to do this. We walked around for a bit while I tried to calm down. We then walked passed Icing and I asked Kristen if she'd be Peytons mom for a bit. We went in and waited forever again. Finally the pearcing came.
I had to hold her arms and her head. It reminded me of her getting shots. They did one and the tears began to fall. I tried not to cry because i'm not suppose to be her mom. Then they hurried and did the second one she was so sad and cried and cried and cried. Kristen comforted her then gave her to me. It was so sad. They gave her a sucker and that quickly calmed her down. As we left they said to Kristen you are a really good mom we can tell you love her so much. I said well that will be a fun story for years to come and I'll be happy to return the favor.
Mike and I think they look adorable on her!

It was simple small family and close friend party. We ate and opened presents. She got lots of clothes books and toys. The highlight of the night was her eating the cake that Mi Mi made just for her.

The Before shot

 Sad little face
 and then the tears :(

Trying to figure out if Dane made 2 or 3 bracelets. Thanks Dane they are very cute!


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