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1 Year

She got 6 shots at her 1 year check up, poor kid. She did much better with the shots than earrings by far.  She is 32'' long and 20.6 something pounds which puts her in the 97th percentile for height and 52nd for weight! He asked me how many words she is saying I said oh about 15 I think he said WOW she is good then. I guess they have to be saying at least 2. I made a list because I wanted to know how many she says. Ma Ma, Da Da, Ba Ba, Kilo, Sit, Down, OOO and OH, Hi, Uh Oh, MMM, Co Co, Mi Mi, Nigh Night, Right There, NO, Thank You. I think i'm missing a couple, but those she can all say. She signs more and points when I ask her were something is. She also knows to be "soft" with Kilo. Any many more. As far as what can't say, but understands what I'm talking about amazes me. For example I tell her to "Turn Around" to go down the stair on her belly and she knows she just needs that little reminder or else she will just stand at the top and throw…

Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving!

This year my birthday was the day before Thanksgiving. Tuesday- My family went to Sammy's in Pleasant Grove. It was BOGO so it was prefect. Who doesn't want free shakes? MMM Peach Cobbler and Raspberry Cheesecake are my fav so far. Any way it was a lot of fun just eating junk with the Fam bam. And opening presents of course. Thanks everyone! /[]\'=-===
Wednesday- My Birthday~! My best friend Kristen came over and did my hair and got Peyton all ready. It was wonderful! I couldn't figure out how to curl my hair with a straightener, but she thought me! So you will probably see a lot more pics with me in curls and Mike loves it that way. We hung out and watched GTU then headed to lunch at Zupas with Emilee, Mckell and their kids. I really love the soup they have. It was so fun catching up with everyone.
That night Mike came home from work and we dropped Pey off with Grandma Parry and headed to SLC! I usually go to the Harvest or Flemmings for my Birthday this year it was Flemm…

Hawaii Day 10

Our last day we slept in and packed everything up. We met the family out at the pool and played there and in the ocean. It was the only cloudy day and it did eventually rain a little. For dinner we went to a Sushi place that we found online that was recommended by locals. It was quite the hole in the wall. I thought the food was great and the rolls were so big!  The fish pond  hmmm
This conclueds Hawaii! We flew 7 hours and I wore a BK crown and this little kid though I was weird till I gave it to him. It was nice to be tan for a while and so nice to see Pey when we got back she was standing up and holding on the couch and walking. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
 Until Maui 2013!

Hawaii Day 9

Today I had one thing on my mind Surfing. I knew it was another free day hanging out at the beach. Mike and I woke up and got breakfast at this cute little shack right by our hotel. Then we headed to where the rest of the family was.
Jason got a horrible sun burn from the sail boat and the trap the day before.
Here they are building the famous Hall sand Castles!

I rented a board with Amanda and we headed out to brace the waves all by our selves. No instructor! It was a lot of fun. 

by: Agnieszka Zielinski We went over to a local beach and Suzanne got her boogie boarding on. She rocked the waves! I wish I had a picture, but I forgot the camera.
After a fun day in the sun I was tired. They taught me how to play scum and we went back to our hotel and sat in the hot tub and relaxed.

Hawaii Day 8

Sailing the Na Pali Coast
I will say it again BREATH TAKING! Hawaii is truly beautiful!

This mama had a baby swimming under her wing, it was so cute.

 I was really EXCITED to stear the sail boat!!

 Heading back this is about the point I got sick. It could have been the Marlin jerky, yes fish jerky the locals eat it like candy. I'll stick to deer and buffalo.
Jason, Amanda and Adam were on the front of the boar where the trap is when they hit a wave they would fly up. So they had to hold on tight!

It was late in the day when we got back. We at a "Cat" Restaurant and Michael got the best fish n chips! We went and got gilato after that yum!