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11 Months

Only one month away from her big day! I feel like my little baby has changed the most in this month.
Here is a video just to show you how big my little girl is.
The first part is a few weeks ago, then the last part is today. You can see her scoot backwards, walk, clap and wave bye bye. I tell her not to take out her pig tail and she shakes her head NO at me... She also says Uh Oh, Kilo, Ma ma and Da da! 
I look at her and realize where has my baby gone? She is jabbering, walking and getting into everything.
* Mama is now her favorite word! :) She also says Kilo it's more like Kee oh, the L is silent. My friend Kristen has been teaching her to say Kristen. Pey just goes KKKK it's cute.
* If I asked her where her puppy is? She will either got crawl on him or just look at him and laugh. She also mimics his barking... (Which luckily doesn't happen very often)
* She has either here baby Minnie Mouse with her or a Lemur. She carries it around as she walks it's really funny.
* …

Productivity. What's that?

tI've been thinking lately that I spend a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing. I mean I don't sit in the corner and stare at the wall kind of nothing, but nothing that is going to benefit my life. I want be able to look back in 5 years and accomplished something other than making a really cute daughter. I have decided to re-evaluate my time. Now that Fall is here and Winter is soon on its way. I need a plan... I am worried that I might go stir crazy. My Mom keeps telling me to get a hobbies, so here's to hobbies and goals!

1. Read the Book of Mormon by Christmas. Our home teachers were over and read us the First Presidency Message for October. Precious Promises of the Book of Mormon. I had a really strong feeling it was something I need to do.
I was reassured this feeling again tonight by Elder Mathew Halls letter. I cried like a baby when I read this. I hope to one day serve a mission.

      "I wanted to share a really special experience that Elder Leo and I had …

Halloween 2011

A few weeks ago after the Saturday football games we went up to Midway to Colby and Heather's house. Heather made some delicious fajitas. If you are ever up in Midway and love hot chocolate go to Filler Up it's my favorite, it's dark chocolate and Girahdelli. Annette hates it, but I love it. She got a Egg Nog shake at Grannies in Heber which is also yummy! Then we went to Walmart to pick up the supplies. Mike and I usually have a game plan, but this year he didn't even come to the store with me. I'm blaming it all on that ha ha ha.

Colby and Heather made the scariest church. The detail was AMAZING! and lets not forget Heathers pumpking with a witch hat ;)

We decided on a castle, Mike really wanted to do zombie gummy bears. They were really cool, but clashed with my Disney castle idea. As you can see...

And for the winners Payden and Annette. I'm not sure what it is, but it is cool!! My favorite is the roof and the stone on the bottom.

 Awe tender
 Phil got her to sl…