Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11 Months

Only one month away from her big day! I feel like my little baby has changed the most in this month.
Here is a video just to show you how big my little girl is.
The first part is a few weeks ago, then the last part is today. You can see her scoot backwards, walk, clap and wave bye bye. I tell her not to take out her pig tail and she shakes her head NO at me... She also says Uh Oh, Kilo, Ma ma and Da da! 

I look at her and realize where has my baby gone? She is jabbering, walking and getting into everything.
* Mama is now her favorite word! :) She also says Kilo it's more like Kee oh, the L is silent. My friend Kristen has been teaching her to say Kristen. Pey just goes KKKK it's cute.
* If I asked her where her puppy is? She will either got crawl on him or just look at him and laugh. She also mimics his barking... (Which luckily doesn't happen very often)
* She has either here baby Minnie Mouse with her or a Lemur. She carries it around as she walks it's really funny.
* Anyone anyone has food she says MMMM and then with sign more. She even does it to strangers... And when we go grocery shopping she does it down every isle. It is cute and people always top me to talk about her.
* I gave Pey her first hair cut, if you can call it that. All of her hair was the same length except this little tuft that was from her newborn hair. I guess it wasn't really a hair cut more like one little snip.

Eating a muffin at Grandma and Grandpas

Mike, Pey and White Sox

Did I mention she loves to rip up paper!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Productivity. What's that?

tI've been thinking lately that I spend a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing. I mean I don't sit in the corner and stare at the wall kind of nothing, but nothing that is going to benefit my life. I want be able to look back in 5 years and accomplished something other than making a really cute daughter. I have decided to re-evaluate my time. Now that Fall is here and Winter is soon on its way. I need a plan... I am worried that I might go stir crazy. My Mom keeps telling me to get a hobbies, so here's to hobbies and goals!

1. Read the Book of Mormon by Christmas. Our home teachers were over and read us the First Presidency Message for October. Precious Promises of the Book of Mormon. I had a really strong feeling it was something I need to do.
I was reassured this feeling again tonight by Elder Mathew Halls letter. I cried like a baby when I read this. I hope to one day serve a mission.

      "I wanted to share a really special experience that Elder Leo and I had yesterday.
Here in Jardim da Penha (where we go to church each week) we have Sisters who are now in the area. Sister Powell and Sister Michelotto are two of the four. Yesterday they asked us to visit a man with them named Pedro. Pedro is a 94 year old man. He is the founder of the Presbyterian church here in the state of Espirito Santo. He has a grandson  that is a bishop in São Paulo and a Great Grandson who is serving a mission right now for our church but he has never met the church. He had his first contact with the sisters a couple weeks ago and was able to come to General Conference and hear the Prophet's voice. Since that time he has been progressing quite well despite his position in his church and has received an answer to his prayers that ours is in fact the true church on this earth. The Sisters explained that Pedro had a lot of questions about the Priesthood and they thought that Elder Leo and I could help him to understand a bit more being Priesthood holders. As we sat down with this incredibly sweet and ... ancient man. We taught about the Priesthood power and authority in the time of Christ and how it has been restored in our days. Teaching him that he too would receive this authority after his baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ. The spirit was very very strong in this lesson - stronger than I´ve felt in a long time. Elder Leo and I continued boldly testifying and we invited him to be baptized. He started to explain how hard a change like this would be in his life. First off he is 94 years old... Second his responsibilities in his church are more than few. When He said this I felt really strongly to share with him the passage in the Bible in which Christ commissions his disciples to follow him. The Scriptures say that "they straightway left their nets and followed him". I testified that Christ was asking him to follow him more perfectly and become a true disciple, that he would have to leave behind his nets and straightway follow without delay. The spirit was very strong as I looked straight into this mans eyes inviting him as a representative of Christ to more fully follow him. Pedro explained that after this week he will be traveling for about a month. The spirit was so strong so we invited him to be baptized this next Sunday! That's a little uncommon seeing as we usually have to have people interviewed for baptism one week before they can be baptized but this man falls perfectly within the requirements of D&C 20 37. This Sunday he will be baptized. I fell in love with this old man and he strengthened my testimony. =) Yesterday was one of the highlights of my mission - a very special experience.
I know that we too must at times examine our lives. Find what nets are between us and the Savior. I encourage you to think of something that might be between you and serving the Lord more fully. Leave behind those nets. They might even be something good but something that you could give up to serve the Savior more fully."

2. Craft. I made a few Halloween decorations this year and Pey a skirt and some bows. I have a whole list of things I want to make it's just a matter of getting to courage to attempt. Girl and crafty and all that is not normally my style, but I'd like it to be. Well at least a little.
Kristen and I got to got together and made these cute beauties!

3. Cooking. We eat out way too much! It's so hard when we have a JCWs just down the road. I got a wok for Christmas last year and the only thing I know how to make with it is Stir Fy. I am going to take more and more cooking classes. The Indian one I took was fun and I can't wait to attempt the recipes.
5-C Soup a Hall/Wilson Family recipe.

4. Kilo. Training is still under way. He is so much better than he was when we first got him. I just hate how excited/disobedient he gets around new people and other dogs. He is still considered a pup for another year so I guess I can't blame him too much.
Pey just playing with her pup.

5. Internet. Spend a lot less time on Facebook, DinosaurHandsMousewait, Twitter, Imagur, Ksl, Blogger, Glitch, Micehchat,Youtube and many more. I think some moderation here could be good. I don't spend my life on it, but I feel like its part of my every day routine.

6. Temple. I go at least once a month with Mike, but I think I'd like go alone or with my friends during the day.

7. Music. I have no idea how to read a single note. Peyton just loves it when I attempt to sing to her. I would like to learn to play and instrument or even just read a few notes of some sort.
Mikes Guitar not being used, hanging out in the guest bedroom.

8. Service. I feel like I don't serve enough, I've always wanted to go to a soup kitchen. I am a little scared I know that is a dumb excuse.

9. Health. Working out is getting harder and harder the colder it gets and the older Pey gets. I still go as much as I can. I am trying to eat better too. Which is hard because I really eat the crappiest food. I think if I logged what I ate everyone would be shocked... Oh well at least I get one healthy thing a day right?
Green smoothie that's not really the color green.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

A few weeks ago after the Saturday football games we went up to Midway to Colby and Heather's house. Heather made some delicious fajitas. If you are ever up in Midway and love hot chocolate go to Filler Up it's my favorite, it's dark chocolate and Girahdelli. Annette hates it, but I love it. She got a Egg Nog shake at Grannies in Heber which is also yummy! Then we went to Walmart to pick up the supplies. Mike and I usually have a game plan, but this year he didn't even come to the store with me. I'm blaming it all on that ha ha ha.

Colby and Heather made the scariest church. The detail was AMAZING! and lets not forget Heathers pumpking with a witch hat ;)

We decided on a castle, Mike really wanted to do zombie gummy bears. They were really cool, but clashed with my Disney castle idea. As you can see...

And for the winners Payden and Annette. I'm not sure what it is, but it is cool!! My favorite is the roof and the stone on the bottom.

 Awe tender
 Phil got her to sleep, I think by this point she was chuck full of candy :)

Wednesday 26th we had a Halloween party with my Elementary School friends and Mikes High school Friends.
I had to tell you that they are from Valley View Elementary because it makes me so happy to say that. I love that we have all stayed friends this long. It was so fun planning and eating and talking. I am an idiot and didn't take pictures. I was just to busy to even think about it. I will show you some of the food I made. These are not my own images, but you get the point.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Payden and Annette, Kelli, Luke and Chloe, Mike and I all went to Sushi  at Koi yum! Then came over and carved pumpkins.
As you can see I was still suck in the Disneyland mind frame. Mike didn't really care he was too focus on the BYU, TCU game :)

Where's Perry???

On Friday Pey and I met Mike at this work for the office Trick or Treat. It was kind of an excuse to get more candy since Pey is only 10 months old, but no one seem to mind. I even dressed up. I knew all of those nerds would appreciate our costumes.

Oh lets not forget Mike works right by Costco so we went there after. Mike had a his normal clothes on underneath so he just changed in the car. Which means Pey and I got stuck looking like a bunch of weirdos. This little 5 year old boy walked up and just starred at me. I finally said Hi. Mike thinks he was trying to see if I was the real Princess Leia ha ha ha.
Halloween Eve we went over to my parents and Mike carved pumpkins with Dane, Theresa and Ashton. 



We were set 5 bags of candy, pey was in her costume, Mike was answering the door I was finishing up making mummies for dinner. 
I could here Mike doing his best Yoda voice. He'd say "Ooh yes high midi-chlorian count she has." "Ooh stinky bum she has mmm yes." and other things like this for a good half hour and he actually sound pretty good it was rather funny. 
It was a good hour and half into the night i'd say 7:30 and bam Mike said "He Nikki we're out of candy." WHAT! I was a little sad the nearest store is 15 minutes away. I thought with construction and the lines I'd better just turn off the lights. Yup I was a little sad. Then I realized what that meant. Pey and I could go trick-or-treating! That's just what we did. It was so fun I felt a little silly so we only went around the neighborhood to people I knew. She'd see the candy and say mmm which of course made it all worth it. Oh and lets not forget her costume rocks!! We came back and watched walking dead with Phil and pretty much concludes our first Halloween as a family. 
After we changed out of our costumes. Phil came over and we watched Walking Dead it is so intense! I take my eyes off of her for two seconds and she always manages to get into something :)
Notice one is unwrapped and one isn't. 
 Why yes you see right two suckers!
Beautiful Baby Blues!
 Pey just hanging out leaning against the couch like she does.