Quack Quack

There we were scoping out Parry Lake, we were looking for some Mallards to slay. Franklin spotted some and that's when Mike put the sneak on. Colton, Lynne, Theresa and Dane stayed on one side of the bank and we walked up the other side. We found some ducks and Mike was ready, gun in hand. There were 2 hens and 1 drake. He shot the Drake!! Colton shot the two hens! It was a great moment. We had Ace with us and it was so fun to watch him work. He swam out there and got the ducks, what a good dog.
Everyone was happy we wanted to continue, because there were ducks everywhere, but we have tix to the BYU game. I think it's safe to say that Mike has the itch for hunting. He even said at the game "I'm ready to go again." He was feeling very good and so he wasn't his hyper self, but he still was pretty happy. 

Here, he is being a big bad tough hunter. 
 That's my man, way to go babe!
 I finally got him to smile.
He said "Hunters don't smile."


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