Monday, October 31, 2011

Hawaii Day 5

We woke up at went to church. It was neat to see the Church outside of Utah. The members were all so nice! Mike and I were sitting across from a 7 month old and we couldn't help but tear up. We were missing Pey. I am still really glad she wasn't there because of all of the fun things we got to do. That we wouldn't have been able to do other wise.
Us girls were in Relif Society and they asked us our names and to tell where we are from. Then I heard a lady say Sister Snow from Pleasant Grove. I turnned around and sure enough it was Mrs. Snow that teaches Chemistry at the highschool. I never had her, but she caught me sluffing once with a student of hers... She was actually pretty cool about it ;) Anyway it was neat to attend church. I usually don't go to church on vay cay, but i'm glad we did.

After Chuch we went down to the beach to take some group pictures. What bunch of good lookin' people don't cha think??

This one is my fav. The surf kept coming and we'd all jump up it was pretty funny.

After that we went to this we went to one of Kauai's famous spots The Spouting Horn. It was pretty cool, they also had some cute little shops too.

Here's a better pic thanks to Google

 Then Michael wanted take us to a local beach he had read about.
It was quite the drive on dirt road the van didn't make it, but luckily we had the Jeep!
I think everyone had a great time other than Sharolee's hurt leg and Adam gluping in too much salt water and it coming back up. It really was a blast!!!!
We made sand castles, boogie boarded, body surfed and played in the ocean.

 Yes the waves were huge, literally walls of water as you can see here!

We came back and got in the pool and enjoyed a nice sun set.

Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Months

On Sunday we were watching Conference and Pey let go of the couch and took two steps before face planting. She has been doing it ever since. I am very exciting for her to walk, but at the same time I know I will be chasing her everywhere!
       Now she is letting go and taking 3 steps then the face plant or she has learned to slowly sit down. She will let go of what ever she is holding and just stand frozen for a good 10 seconds.
* She loves to hold on to the couch and walk all the way around the room. Dad loves to let her hold on to his fingers and walk around the house.
* Her vocab is more than just baba dada and mama. She says Hi and Sit. Yup I was yelling at the dog the other day to sit and she said it clear as day. I got it on video, I should probably post it.
*She dropped her bottle behind the couch and said UH OH! I've been trying to teach her that for a while and now she says it all the time.
* One of my most favorite things she does is if she eats something she likes she says mmmm. Cheese, Ice cream and Applesauce (homemade) are her favorite.
* She still loves to smack her lips
* She shakes her head NO and smiles because she things she being funny.
*She loves lifting up her shirt and covering her face with it, she is playing peek a boo.
* She has been upgraded from a carrier to a car seat, and from a Mazda to an Xterra!! I think she likes being able to see out and not having her legs smashed into the back of the seat.
* I can ask her where her baba is or where Kilo is and she will go to it/him.
* Peys personality is really shining through. She is always so happy and just wants you to play with her on the floor. Like I said earlier with "NO", she is going to be a little stinker. If I go to pick her up she trys crawling away.
* Shes been sleeping till 4:30, she does go to bed around 8:30. I need to keep her up later....
* Still size 3 diapers I think they are finally starting to fit right. Her legs are so little, but she is just so long.
* Her clothes sizes are about 9-18 months I just have to try everything on her. She was playing with a 17 month old and was just about as tall as her.
*Still my long skinny baby!
*Pey likes to copy you, if Kilo barks she tries. When Mike sings or makes noises she tries to it's pretty darn cute.
*It's safe to say she had her first taste of Dr. Pepper. I had a little left over and it was watered down. She was screaming in the back of Paydens car and that's all I had and it worked for a little bit.
* She is still just so happy and very talkative. She still lets you know when she is hungry its quite the ordeal.
* Pey still signs more, but sometimes she claps. They look pretty much the same.
* Peyton went to Disneyland for the 1st time!
* Peyton went to the Pumpkin Patch and had her first Halloween Party!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Good Things Utah
My mom, Kristen and I went up to Salt Lake to be apart of the audience. Marti was leaving the show and we were lucky to get tickets. I tried when Reagan left, but no dice.
Getting there took forever lets just say I could never work in SLC. The traffic was awful! I'm sorry for anyone who has to endure that.
We got up there just to watch the end of Daily Dish. We watched the show and it was really cool to see the set. It is just one giant room. They make it look like the kitchen is far away, but in reality it is just right there to the left of them. The girls were on this platform that you can just wheel around it was kind of funny.

 Oh hello don't you think i'd be a good host on GTU, they are looking for 2 more in the next few weeks to hire.
 Kris could be the other host with me. They need some younger girls on there.

They were both so nice and really down to earth.  Angie is awesome and of course my favorite. She is 40 and you would never know she looks like she's 30!!
 Necia had the cutest pants on! She told me they are Genetics from Piperlime. I looked them up and they are only $200.00 ha ha ha hey Mike they on my wish list hint hint! She did say "I love them they are my favorite jeans and I'll wear the heck out of them."

 Good Bye Marti

This is what you see when you walk in, Angie was on her comp. I'm not gonna lie I got a little star struck ha ha ha
 Good Bye ABC

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quack Quack

There we were scoping out Parry Lake, we were looking for some Mallards to slay. Franklin spotted some and that's when Mike put the sneak on. Colton, Lynne, Theresa and Dane stayed on one side of the bank and we walked up the other side. We found some ducks and Mike was ready, gun in hand. There were 2 hens and 1 drake. He shot the Drake!! Colton shot the two hens! It was a great moment. We had Ace with us and it was so fun to watch him work. He swam out there and got the ducks, what a good dog.
Everyone was happy we wanted to continue, because there were ducks everywhere, but we have tix to the BYU game. I think it's safe to say that Mike has the itch for hunting. He even said at the game "I'm ready to go again." He was feeling very good and so he wasn't his hyper self, but he still was pretty happy. 

Here, he is being a big bad tough hunter. 
 That's my man, way to go babe!
 I finally got him to smile.
He said "Hunters don't smile."