Jesus wants me for a sun BEAM to shine for him each day!
Right now I just want cry. I just found out Brother Hall and I have been released. I knew it was coming and it is time, but I am very sad. I love those little kids. I am going to miss feeling the spirit ever week during singing time. Their little tender voices will forever make me smile. Yesterday was the Primary Program and they all did so good! Every single one of my 6 said their part and yes they all had them memorized. I was one proud teacher! They learned Praise to The Man and sang it, I loved listening to little voices sing such big words. For example: communed, Jehovah, anointed, dispensation, ascended, and Mingling
I hope I have taught these little one as much as they have taught me. Every week I think to my self be like a little child.
Each week Mike and I would giggle at some of their answers and things they would tell us. I am going to miss that a lot. Like how "18 is really really old!" One kid drew a picture of his dad frowning and I asked why? He said "because he is always worried about money". 
I often wondered if our lessons go in one ear and out the the other... A Parent told me that her daughter got mad at her for doing laundry on Sunday because "Sister Hall said that's a chore and we don't do that on the Sabbath". I was happy because 1. She remember Sabbath and Sunday are the same. 2. To keep the Sabbath day holy. Proof they do listen! I will never forget the time I drew a Zebra with strips horizontal and not vertical and I'm still not hearing the end of it. 

Yesterday the lesson was on Being a Friend. I asked the kids who their friends were and one of them said "Sister Hall" it was the sweetest thing. 
Here is a picture of the girls! We have 2 boys in our class. Mike and Jett sadly no pics of them.

This is a tweet of Mike's he said "Today Nikki drew the things that make or Sunday School class happy. Notice the giraffe, zebra and owl. Ha."

Mike always tried to convince the kids on how cool owls are. His owl is much better than mine.
I tweeted  Brother Halls lesson on being thankful for your ears. Notice the ear drum :-)

This lesson was on feelings. Here are some pics showing you different feelings.

Here is to new callings and new beginnings!


Lacey Hammond said…
I choose Nik's owl.... Just sayin'.
Holdaway's said…
I'm so excited that you MIGHT get to sit with me in RS!!!

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