8 and 9 Months

8 Months 
    Mike and I just got back from vay cay and I have to tell you Pey has sure grown in 10 days. We come home to find this little girl climbing on everything. She's an animal I tell you!
 * Cuddling more and more everyday. She use to head butt, now its turning into nuzzling.
 * Trying to walk, she can move about the house as long as she has a hold of something.
 * Her grandpa Frank has taught her to love ice water. If you have a cup she wants it!
 * She is snorting like a little piggy! Dane plugs her nose and she does it even louder. Thanks for teaching her that uncle Dane...
 * She is still diggin the sippy cup, but I give her a bottle too.
 * The attitude is only getting worse with age. Her little fits make me laugh, for now.
 * 1 tooth is visible with every smile, but I can barely see a top one too.
 * Pey loves the door stops after so long she rips them completely off.
 * She likes to think her favorite toy is my computer, she rips the keys off. I can't find my 3 or 5....


9 Months

    We just got home from the doctor. It was not a fun appointment. Pey is sick and all she wants to do is be held. I missed her 6 month.... I didn't know she got shots then so today she got an extra shot, 5 in all. The nurse was really fast and normally Pey will do the silent scream and ten let it out. This time it was more of a sad little whimper cry. I'm not sure whats worse? She seems to be happy, but not standing on her legs as much today. Doctor C was surprised to hear she trying to let go of things and walked. He laughed and said she will be walking in no time. That scares me she is already so active as it is....
* Her weight is 18.7 lbs and her height was 30.5 or 31.5 shoot I forgot the paper they give me. Anyway I remember the graph very well she is still OFF the chart 100% percentile.
 I really don't like this teething think that is happening right now. She never sleeps. My mom told me that "kids usually take naps then as they get older their little naps combine into to one big nap". I said nap? What's a nap?? You'd think if she doesn't sleep in the day (except in the car) then she would sleep like an angel at night. NOPE! She is into this phase where she wakes up and whines not a cry but a whine. She doesn't sit up or stand just lays there. This happens about every 2 hours I pick her up rocker her for a few seconds put her back down and go to bed. Then 2 hours later do the same thing. She wakes up at 6:15 and when I walk in she is standing this is when I know there is no going back to bed for me :( Can you tell I'm not a morning person? Now with all that being said she is the happiest little bug in the world.
 * She yells when we have food and I know that means she wants it, I've been teaching her to sign more and she is finally getting it!
 * She stands by her self for a few seconds then falls on her bum.
 * P forgets that she needs the couch to walk, she lets go and tries on her own and it ends up with a face plant.
 * Her left eye is sometimes lazy the optometrist said it should go away as she gets older.
 * She loves her daddy! No joke he left for work one day and walked out the door and she threw a little tantrum he heard her and came back in she stopped. I wanted to see if she'd do that for me. Not a chance. She loves Mike. My favorite is when he comes home from work and she has a little happy freak out everyday every time.
 * She loves fresh peaches, but not out of the can.
 * She crawls like Moglie (the man cub on jungle book) up on all fours.
 * She has 2 teeth and when she bites it really hurts :)
 * Her feet hang out of her car seat I think it's time to upgrade!!

Dane and Devin stuffed pillows in their shirts and were being sumo wrestlers. They were so kind and let Pey play with them. Why yes they did stuff her shirt too....

Mike wanted to see how trusting Pey is.... Don't worry I didn't let him actually do it. 

Her shots in her leg and her feet pricks. :( I think I've mentioned this before, but she rippes off her bow and will run her hand through her hair. I use to do this to put her to sleep, but now she is soothing her self!


paislea said…
you are so so so so cute!!! i love these pictures. she's adorable and you look great!!!

Esplins said…
Love the pictures! Can't believe the worm thing. Hope she gets feeling better.

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