Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Jesus wants me for a sun BEAM to shine for him each day!
Right now I just want cry. I just found out Brother Hall and I have been released. I knew it was coming and it is time, but I am very sad. I love those little kids. I am going to miss feeling the spirit ever week during singing time. Their little tender voices will forever make me smile. Yesterday was the Primary Program and they all did so good! Every single one of my 6 said their part and yes they all had them memorized. I was one proud teacher! They learned Praise to The Man and sang it, I loved listening to little voices sing such big words. For example: communed, Jehovah, anointed, dispensation, ascended, and Mingling
I hope I have taught these little one as much as they have taught me. Every week I think to my self be like a little child.
Each week Mike and I would giggle at some of their answers and things they would tell us. I am going to miss that a lot. Like how "18 is really really old!" One kid drew a picture of his dad frowning and I asked why? He said "because he is always worried about money". 
I often wondered if our lessons go in one ear and out the the other... A Parent told me that her daughter got mad at her for doing laundry on Sunday because "Sister Hall said that's a chore and we don't do that on the Sabbath". I was happy because 1. She remember Sabbath and Sunday are the same. 2. To keep the Sabbath day holy. Proof they do listen! I will never forget the time I drew a Zebra with strips horizontal and not vertical and I'm still not hearing the end of it. 

Yesterday the lesson was on Being a Friend. I asked the kids who their friends were and one of them said "Sister Hall" it was the sweetest thing. 
Here is a picture of the girls! We have 2 boys in our class. Mike and Jett sadly no pics of them.

This is a tweet of Mike's he said "Today Nikki drew the things that make or Sunday School class happy. Notice the giraffe, zebra and owl. Ha."

Mike always tried to convince the kids on how cool owls are. His owl is much better than mine.
I tweeted  Brother Halls lesson on being thankful for your ears. Notice the ear drum :-)

This lesson was on feelings. Here are some pics showing you different feelings.

Here is to new callings and new beginnings!

Hawaii Day 4

I woke up rather early, I feel like The Halls knew how to handle the time change a lot better than me. I'd say it was about 6AM HI time and 10AM UT time everyone was asleep. I found out later Suzanne was at the store, but everyone else was sleeping I was hoping by this time to be sort of adjusted, nope not quite.
I went outside to watch the sun rise against the palm trees and had some nice alone time. I was soaking in the beauty. This is about the time I twittered this picture as I sat and watched the surfers for a while.

The picture above was about 30 feet from our room that we stayed in at Waiohai beach club. It really couldn't have been better.  Amanda came and found me and told me breakfast was ready. After we ate we all went out and walked on the beach. I was told to find a red tent and that's where they did lessons. Today was our relax day. Nothing planned and that meant I knew exactly what I had planned!! We found the hut and made an apt. at 1:00 which was around high tide. Until then we swam and relaxed. I talked Amanda into to making an apt to go with us. 
It was time! Adam our wonderful photographer came out to cheer us on. 

First we had to learn how to stand and get up on the sand.

Then we carried our boards over to where we surfed, they had us carry them on our head. I think this was the hardest part of the whole day. 

 Adam helped me because I was struggling.

Me surfing!! It was so much fun!

In the middle you can see Mike and Amanda. The guy in the red hat is the beach bum of Kauai who taught us and the guy in the while and blue hat is Kelly. He was the main guy who taught us. 


 Taking a rest in the ocean.

We had a blast!! I will go every time I am near a beach it was so much fun. If you've never done it you should try it. It won't disappoint. 
After surfing we went to a local water fall and rope swing. 



Amanda was thinking about representing the girl, but decided to play it safe with the rest of us :)
 Sharolee and Jason

 Mike and Adam

For dinner this night we went to a Chinese restaurant. It was actually pretty good, a lady told us all of the locals go there and so we check it out.  I sure do love some good fried rice.
I only have half a husband in this one ha ha ha

I would say this was one of my most favorite days of the trip. It is hard to compare because they were all great. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer 2011

I figured since it is the last day of Summer I should probably post some of the pictures we took they are mostly of Pey :) Sorry I still need to finish the Hawaii post that was our highlight of this summer.

Mike and I drove to Jordan Commons with all of his work and saw Harry Potter in the IMAX. It was HUGE and awesome! Oh yes and I dressed up :) this guy from his work told Mike he'd make me a wand and he sure did!

We went to Ben Folds at Salt Air with Phil. This is not our first Ben Folds concert and it won't be our last!

We have a park that's pretty much in our back yard. Pey isn't quite old enough to understand it, but she sure loves dogs!
I worked backstage at the Kenny Chesney and Tim Mcgraw concerts. I got to see Tim up close and personal and same with the band Perry and Pat Garrett! It was freaking awesome!

Teething this summer has been so much fun... NOT!

For Paydens birthday we went to wait drum roll please...... Yup you guessed it Los Hermanos. We go there ever year for Paydens big day. Pey loves fried ice cream and whip cream!!

I was shocked to see her eat this. She is like her daddy, can't get enough of pickles.

Mike got me a present and some how she ended up with it. Sneaky little theif!
She loves Rice Crispy treats just like her Momma!
Her hair has grown so much this is a very recent picture, it actually lays down. I can now a pixy Kate Gosseling look. Peys is much cuter fyi.

She HATES canned peaches, but loves fresh ones. And also loves Fresh Peach Shakes at T.A. Yes I do believe the youngest fan right here.

At Chick-Fil-A with the Moellers. Londyn and her playing tag. Ha ha ha

Hanging out with Grandma Juli and playing with a box.

Sorry it's blurry. Grandma got her all sorts of excited with bubbles.

Dad likes to sing to Pey in the shower. She was sick and fell asleep.

 Disney Jr. She loves the opening and closing theme song. I even saw her dance to it. :)

Look at those baby blues. I just love her eyes! Oh and lets not forget who's a big girl drinking a sippy!

Another favorite thing
Seven peak gnawing on some celery

The first part of summer you can see how much she has grown in just a few months.
The End. Time to decorate for Halloween and Fall!