July 24 2011

Sunday: 5 Years after my accident.
We hung out with our families of course. Just another emotional 24th for me. I always feel a little different every year on that day. I'm not sure how to explain it. I was sitting there getting Peyton ready for church and it hit me. I realized she is the reason I am still alive. I know there are so many other reasons. I really feel and felt in that moment looking at her and thinking SHE IS IT. I love that little girl more than I could ever imagine. I also though about a good friend of mine who passed away a few month ago and how very real death is.  I know that I have change, I never want to hurt any ones feelings, I never want to say goodbye to a loved one with out telling them how much I love them and care about them. I am grateful for my family, my home, my dog and my friends. Life couldn't get any better. 

Monday: Fireworks!! Mike and I had a relaxing day at home The Parry's came over and lite some HUGE fireworks! It was a great ending to a wonderful weekend. 


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