Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hawaii Day 2

Woke up at 6 and went to the gym, let me remind you that 6am HI time is 10am UT time :) My view was palm trees and ocean as I ran. Yup it was a great work out! We left then for the temple. We were all planning on doing baptisms, but if you have been endowed they won't let you unless you have your own names so Suzanne and I were workers. It was very neat to even be there so I didn't mind too much.
I had a very spiritual experience that I will never forget. Mike was able to baptize Adam and Amanda. I am having a hard time explaining this, but the pride and love I have for Mike grew. I am proud of him and so happy he was able to do that. I am glad he is a worthy priesthood holder. I am lucky to have him as my husband. I love you babe!

After that we went to the Visitors center, but it wasn't open yet. We decided to get some grub while we waited. We ate by an ice cream shop. I saw they had boba!!!!  One of my most favorite treats ever! I was in 7th heaven. I ordered my drink and Mike got a Hawaiian snow cone. Let's just say they know how to make their snow cones!!
I learned something about my mother-in-law and slimy stuff. She is not a fan! I made her try my boba and she nearly threw up.... I won't do that again. I felt bad, but I'm glad now it is something we can all laugh at. Oh  and boba is tapioca before they dye it and cut it into tiny pieces. It really doesn't have a flavor, but I love how chewy it is. They put it in a flavored drink, I got coconut for my flavor.

We then headed back to the temple for the tour at the visitors center. It was neat to learn about LDS Hawaiians and their history. We also got to learn some really neat things about the temple. There is in fact an angel Moroni on the temple in two of the freezes, but he is not alone and gold on top like you would normally see. It is such a beautiful temple!

After that we drove to Hakilau Beach where we took some awesome pictures.

We had some time before we had to be at the PCC and we went to BYU Hawaii... Yes I did go on campus :) I saw where my mom and my mother-in-law went to college.

Then we went to the PCC aka Polynesia Cultural Center. Where do I start? Okay from the beginning. First thing we did was get another lei! Then we got on this raft thingy and took a tour from our white tour guide. It was cool and very relaxing.
Then we visited each of the lands such as: Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti and New Zealand.

Mike Sr. Aka UTAH did the best he rocked as you can see!
Mike Sr. won this leaf thingy and stuck it on my head just in case you were wondering what i'm wearing.
Here we are trying to swing these things, it was a lot harder than you'd think :)

The boys learning how to Tahitian dance :)

And now I know why I am not Hawaiian

We ended the night with dinner and a luau. Once again I was in awe. The Tahitian dancer that shake there hips super fast are amazing, but my favorite are the fire dancers!

It was a full day of fun!
I really didn't want to put this in here, but I want to be able to look back and laugh. I may or may not have woke up in the middle of the night a little wet. Yes I had a little accident. Luckily it was only a little because I realized what I was doing before it was a disaster. I'm glad my hubby still thinks i'm awesome :)

Monday, August 29, 2011


Mike and I dropped Pey off the night before since our flight was early that next morning. I showed my mom the basics of Peys routine and put her down to sleep for the night. It wasn't hard till I had to walk out of the room and knew I wouldn't see her for 10 days. I shed a few tears, but I knew she'd be in good hands.

I could hardly sleep the excitement was too much. I felt like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for a big present! Ashton dropped us off at the airport and we were on our way! The flights were long and I don't like flying it makes me nervous. We flew to Denver on a tiny plane that scared me... Yes we went backwards to Denver to go to Hawaii. On the Denver to Hawaii flight I sat next to stinky! Some girl that Mike and I think pooped her pants. That was a long 7 hours.
 We arrived in Oahu and the second I stepped off the plane the air hit me. I love the smell of Hawaii! It really is such a beautiful place! We found Suzanne and Amanda and guess what they gave us a LEI!!

We drove to our hotel Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club. I thought our room on our honeymoon was nice and it was, but this topped it! We had two rooms, one with a kitchen, living room and bathroom that went into the bedroom and another bathroom. I forgot to take a picture of the bathtub, but it was amazing. It had blinds that opened up into the bedroom. I hope that makes sense.

Here we are eating dinner at Longboards, I got a Kalua pork quesadilla and it was amazing!

Then we went and swam in the ocean till dark, it was so fun and absolutely gorgeous!! 

Once it got dark we headed to the beautiful pool. 

These are some great pics from Google of the hotel.

This is the bedroom shot, where you can see the shutters that are open and right below that is the bath tub :)
Here we slept and watched "movies". 

More pics, Enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pretty Peyton

On Thursday we were at Lacey and Jeffs reception which was very beautiful! Lo and behold our friends Aubrey and Sam were their photographers. These two girl are AMAZING to say the least. They took a few of Pey that Mike and I absolutely love!!

There is no doubt about it, Pey loves sugar! They had snow cones at their wedding and Pey had her own.

July 24 2011

Sunday: 5 Years after my accident.
We hung out with our families of course. Just another emotional 24th for me. I always feel a little different every year on that day. I'm not sure how to explain it. I was sitting there getting Peyton ready for church and it hit me. I realized she is the reason I am still alive. I know there are so many other reasons. I really feel and felt in that moment looking at her and thinking SHE IS IT. I love that little girl more than I could ever imagine. I also though about a good friend of mine who passed away a few month ago and how very real death is.  I know that I have change, I never want to hurt any ones feelings, I never want to say goodbye to a loved one with out telling them how much I love them and care about them. I am grateful for my family, my home, my dog and my friends. Life couldn't get any better. 

Monday: Fireworks!! Mike and I had a relaxing day at home The Parry's came over and lite some HUGE fireworks! It was a great ending to a wonderful weekend.