2011 Swimming!

I find that someday I just have to get out of the house and this is what we've been doing. She is a water lover! She loves splashing then hates that she has water on her face, it's really funny to watch.

Here were are at the Disney store trying on 2T swim suits. Yes you read that right 2T!! I didn't like the baby ones anyway and the clerk told me they fit really small so maybe that is why she fits in this. Na I think it's her height!

At Lindon Pool with the Esplins

At Seven Peaks with the Moellers and Greens

Alpine Splash Pad with the Moellers

Pleasant Grove Pool with Payden and Annette!

Highland Splash Pad with Kayden

Even swimming in the tub, she rolls and rolls and rolls in the tub. 

Another trip to Alpine splash pad with the Moellers and Greens.

McKell and Kaden        Chantal and Brinkly        Nikki and Peyton
                                   Nov. 5th                        December 18th              December 19th

Seven Peaks!


Alycia said…
Her swim suits are adorable! I love the white ruffle one and the giraffe one.... so cute!

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