7 Months

Another month has come and gone. This one just flew by!
*Pey is standing, well she has been standing for a while now, but she is pulling her self up! She did it a few days ago when we were out on the grass and I was laying next to her and she pulled her self up. I tried to get her to do it again and take a video, but you can't see much. Then yesterday she was sitting next to me on the couch and grabbed my hair with one hand the couch with the other and stood up. I was very happy, but in some pain. She has quite the grip.
*Her favorite thing to play with is paper. She tears it apart then EATS it... I know where she gets this from, MIKE! He is a paper eater too, ya gross I know!
* Sleeping through the night? Fat chance! I say that because last night she woke up at 2 and 4AM She usually sleeps from 11 to 6:30 which is okay. I don't like this new little schedule of hers...
* Pey is addicted to otter pops, her dad gave her some of his and now if we have one she cries till she gets some. When I do give her some and it's gone she cries, trying to explain all gone to a 7 month old HA!
* Da Da is still her favorite thing to say. I say Ma Ma and she just says Da Da even louder :) She is screaming a lot more especially in places that are dead silent. She has to fill the silence with screams or giggles.
*Diaper is a 2-3 the 2s are defiantly too small and 3s are big, I'm glad they have the 2.5s.
* Even though her nose has been non stop runny and she is always drooling she is extremely happy for a teething baby. None have broke through yet.
*When I wipe her nose she makes the sound as if she is blowing her nose with her mouth it's funny. Another thing I need a video of!
*The electronics need a new place to stay. She crawls right to them every time.
* When she is not happy she is whiny and wants to be held.
* I can't leave the room with out getting a little tantrum out of her. I have to talk to her the whole time I'm in a different room. Unless she is in her bed then she knows and won't cry!
* She loves her bouncer and loves to jump. Even when we take her out she keeps on jumping!
* Pey loves her aunts they watch her a lot and I know she loves them all! Thanks Aunties!

She likes to stand on the couch and watch who ever's in the Kitchen usually da da making her a ba ba.

In Mom and Dads bed, she kept trying to wake him up. She loves to cuddle with her daddy!
 The neighbors Boston Terrier. She loved him!
Swimming with Kayla and Dannika

She crawled all the way over to Kilo, I remember when she was rolling this far.
Kind of a creepy pic with their eyes.

Then she crawled back.

Watching her first Disney movie. Hercules of course!
I will let her watch some of the Disney shows on TV too, but there's nothing like a good movie.
Hanging out in the back yard with Kilo.

Bouncing away!


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