4th of July 2011

I have lost my camera, so I had to improvise with what other people have taken.

Heathers Birthday Party up in Midway. It was so fun and way beautiful. We played volleyball and ate some delicious food!
Pey hung out and jumped on the tramp with uncle Colby.

Went to Transformers with Colby, Phil and Mike. Payden was on a fire just in case you were wondering.
Later that night we went to Dinner at Terra Mia with The Halls.
Then to Stadium of Fire!!! We took Pey, maybe I'm a bad mom. She liked the fireworks though. We were nervous about her little ears. I got out the shooting muffs and when she had those on all she could do is stare at the fireworks. No smile and no tears just pure fascination!

David Archuletta and Brad Paisley preformed!

squish face!

We all woke up around 5:30 and headed to Provo for my Freedom Fest 5k. It was amazing and so fun. I will do it every year as long as I am not with child.

I wanted to stick around for the big Provo Parade, but I was STARVING. Gandies wasn't open so we headed to Village Inn with our friend Phil.

Little Miss Americana on her day! The 4th of July. Her FIRST 4th of July!
Mike talking to Phil or maybe puckering up for a smooch.

Phil coloring! 

Mike and I stopped to get the Hall's family fireworks and fresh peas on the side of the road! We got a really big one and I was AMAZING!

We went home showerd got ready and by that time it was 4:00 I got put on home made cream duty. Made that went to my parents to say hello since they were gone The Narrows and Fish Lake. 

Yup, I'm out lighting fireworks in the rain!

Lighting off Roman Candles they were saying spells, pretending to be Harry Potter!


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