6 Months

Really has it been half a year!!! Time to have another one, just kidding! This little princess sure is growing. She brings so much joy to our family we love her so much.

* Dada dada da da da is what we wake up to in morning. She also says ma ma and baba, but da da is her favorite by far. 

*Mike told me last night that when you put your finger in her mouth to feel for teeth she does it back. I tried it and she really does! So cute!

* This is hard to explain but, you can tap her mouth and she will yell so she sounds like a Native American. 

*Sitting on her bum. She falls over a lot so I make sure to have her practice on the couch.

* Stubborn like her mom.... She is still trying to sit up and does little crunches she gets frustrated and tells me so, then I help her.

* I love her giggle, she has some cute little rolls on her legs and you can squeeze them and she laughs. 

* If you sit her on your lap facing out, she will lean back cock her head around and stare in your eye and smile. It is my most favorite thing. 

* She is a cuddle bug. If you have her facing you she will put her head on your shoulder. 

* She likes to stick her tongue out at you, I think it's at night when she is tired that she does it the most.

* When I am holding her and trying to get her to take a nap or sleep I brush my hands through her hair. If I forget she does it her self. This really is so precious and cute. 

* She loves Kilo, she loves petting him and smiles every time she sees him walk in the room.

* She is reaching for me and I love it!

* She is still trying hard to crawl she gets into the yoga downward dog position with her lil bum in the air. She crawls in circles, but doesn't go anywhere unless she is rolling. 

* Pey bangs on stuff kind of like if she were playing the bongos. She especially loves banging on my computer....

* She is fascinated with remotes. I don't know what it is, but she loves them.
* Her hair is lightening up YAY! It has a tint of red probably comes from dad and his red beard, but she is going blonde! 

Usually I leave her in her carrier and take he in the store, but she was awake. After walking around for a little while she fell asleep so with my sweater and her blanket she slept in her "bed".
She grabbed a piece of lettuce and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. 

Presenting Pleasant Grove Fireman's breakfast! 
Every May we go with the Parry family to support PGFD!

She was so enthralled with his fur, it took a few tries, but she finally stopped starring at Smokey and looked at me. 

Future Softball Player!

Pey loves Payd, Net and Olive Garden


Esplins said…
She's a cutie! I love that you keep up on these monthly posts about her. So smart!

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