Today I ran my first official 5k! 
Whitney, Lynne, Annette and I were all there are ready to rock an roll! I am going to go into a bit of extensive detail and this is my apology. I want to keep this record so I can read it in years to come are remember the start of my running career.
My morning began at 6:00 am not a time I am friends will 7 or 8 is better. I got dressed in my running git up then woke up Mike then Pey got her stuff already. Took Kilo to do his business and fed. We left home about 6:50. Got to the fire station and met up with the girls. Pick up my packet, which is a new running term I learned. With your number, shirt and other goodies. 

We all were taking a picture when the gun went off..... By that time the starting line was packet!!! We actually didn't start on time obviously, which means our times were off. Once we did cross the starting line it was a little awkward trying to get past people to actually run and not walk another time killer. Then we were off! Annette took off since she is a fit little runner! Whit stayed with me to help me, what a sweetie I know. I'm very grateful since she could have beat her PR. (another running term)  After a little while she asked what kind of pace and if I wanted to run the whole time and I said yes. That was my goal, NO walking!! 
We about a mile in I started to get tired the pre race adrenaline was wearing off. My tummy was growling since I hadn't at breakfast. Great learning experience next race i'm eating. I was talking to Whit to keep me distracted. I told Mike this, but when we would pass people it would make me want to go faster. I would pick a person that was a little bit ahead of us and pass them. A lot of people started walking after the second mile so it was nice to pass them up and give me a little boost. Mean? Sorry...  I think it's my competitive side coming out.
Once we turned and started heading back to the fire station I knew we were on the home stretch, well sorta. I also knew the "hill" I've been training on was coming up and I always walk it. With Whit by my side we ran up that sucker! I got really really bad side ache once we were at the top and then i could see the finish line. We were so close and walking was on burning in my mind.  :) This is the time I started counting. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1,2,3,4. With each step, I was trying to distract my self and it worked! Before I knew it Mike and Ashton were on the right taking pics and Whit and I picked up our speed. 
BoOm BaBy We FINISHED and with NO WaLkInG! 
I began to dry heave, nearly puking up nothing. I got my PGFD coin, time card and doughnut! 
I usually run an 11 min/mil so that is a great improvement, can't complain about that. I am a little miffed that I don't know my EXACT time. Some races give you chips so you can know, but not usually on 5ks. Anyway I'm still really proud of my self and the time I ran. 
Here is picture of my new sweet golf marker and time card!

Some of the support!

Us crossing and our time!

I'm watching my feet because my shoe lace came untied and I wasn't going to stop running. 

Annette, Whit, Lynne and I

I always get a bright red cherry face...

And we all finished! Booya!
See you next year!


Esplins said…
Way to Go Nik! You did awesome! (hey and I get a bright red face too every time I get just a little bit warm from running... hate that)
Nikke you did great. Who cares about the time you reached your goal of not walking!!! Once you reach that goal you can start worrying about others such as time!! You need to get a little Nike plus to go on your shoe, so you can keep track of your time instead of others :) Plus the whole time you are running it is telling how far you have ran and then it will start counting down for you!!! Plus the music you select to listen to distracts you so you don't have to count, and then if you do it right you can have a certain pump up song that will come on when you needed it the most. I have also found it helps with my breathing :) Anyways I thought you did great!!! We should find more to do so you can continue reaching your goals!!!

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