Today about 4 hours ago we got curbing! Yay finally we can start the garden and the planting.
My dad recommended 

Accent Lawn Borders. 

 When your in the construction biz you know who is good and who isn't and these guys are fantastic!
Frank came over and check it out he showed me that someone had stepped on it in 3 places. Yes I am fighting mad. Pissed actually.
I called up Accent and he told me how to fix it, he is coming back in a few days (this is where he will blow off the silver look and leave the texture and seal the color) and will fix it then, but for now he told me to do my best.

I got out the water and butter knife and scraper and worked away. Then I called Mike.
Tomorrow I'm going to wait and watch and see who cuts through my yard, I measured the shoe size and I'm guessing its a Jr. high kid that got off the bus.

 Pey fell asleep out in the sun chilling with momma.

In a week we will dig it all out and replace the house side with sifted dirt and start planting. :)


Arica said…
Oh man! Seriously so rude!
Esplins said…
I would be mad too! I hope you get it figured out. It looks nice. I'll have to come see it in person and visit that cute girl of yours.

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