After many years of PATIENTLY waiting. MIKE, PEYTON and I are proud owners of Kilo a 7 month old puppy. He is a Harlequin Great Dane!  He is not the exact age and color I wanted, but it was love at first sight!  Friends of my brother had him and another GD that is 4 they also have 3 little girl and couldn't give Kilo the attention he needs.  Kilo is named after the military Alphabet. K as in Kilo, it's close to Milo ;)
In a year or two I think we will stud him out, since we have his pedigree and he is a pure bred and papered.
He is very well tempered and trained to go potty outside. He knows the commands no, sit, lay down, up, and we’re still working on stay.  He will go potty in one spot, I made that spot be right by the garbage cans. Yup I’m a thinker! He sleeps at the foot of our bed on the floor. When were gone he stays in his “kennel” which is a big pantry, you’ll see the pictures below.  So far there are only a few things that I’m going to have to get over or get use to. The drool luckily its only after he drinks so instead of keeping the aqua inside I put it on the porch I think that has pretty much solved the dripping slobber. He is shedding, we took him to the doggy wash today and gave him a bath.  He is still shedding like crazy, guess I will add vacuuming and sweeping to my daily ritual. I’m okay with this, it’s a simple price to pay for a GD.
He likes to lick Pey’s face which is another thing I’m going to work on him with. Last, but not least he doesn’t know the command PLACE and if you have an inside dog he needs to know place. It is the best command ever. Our friends Brittany and Jay have a dog name Cali that you have probably seen on my blog. HereHere and Here! So if you say “Cali Place” she will go to that spot that you have designated her spot and will not move until you say her release word.  I hope that in the next few months I can teach Kilo this.

Kilo as a puppy!

Pey and Kilo
Playing tug of war in the pjs
Pey in her pjs

Neighbor kids

Payden, Kilo, Echo and Sawyer

Ride em cow girl! 

All tuckered out! So close, yet so far from his bed. 

Kilo's Mom

Kilo's Dad
To: Kilo
Love: Anya
It is hard to see, but she drew Kilo with all of his spots and his thought bubbles. In the thought bubble she drew her self, "have fun" and "I love you"! How adorable is that?


JeN!cE said…
That is so cool. He is beautiful. Good luck with your newest family member! And Peyton is ADORABLE ps.
Whitney Parry said…
Yes, he is pretty cool. I like him! PS.. love the note. It's too cute!
paislea said…
awe - that's so exciting nikkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiii! you have wanted a great dane for forever! i'm so happy that you found a really good one!!

allister bee blog
Esplins said…
Oh my huge dog!!! I don't think I could ever... but I'm really happy for you. I know you have been waiting and waiting. :) Hey school is out tomorrow so we can hang out more! Yay!
YAY for Kilo!!!! Now my two have someone to play with!!
paislea said…
of COURSE i would keep you in the loop and we would have some sort of after party! to invite our friends and family...

nikki i feel like i haven't talked to you in sooooo long! my parents and i have really gone off the deep end.

we need to get together some time soon!!!

♥ pais

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