Appy Annie!!!

May 2nd 2009
2 Years
 Wow time has sure flown by and my love for Mike just grows stronger everyday. I think of US when I hear this song and so many many others as you already know. My friend Emily gave me the idea to post a link to our love in case you all forgot :) Mike took off work so we had the whole day together! It started off with breakfast at IHOP :) Then we went to Costco with Spencer while Mike went to the gym. I got his present there. Spencer helped me lift it and took care of Baby Pey. Then off to the gym where we got a nice tan walking outside. Mike met me at Fox Hollow to some balls at the range. Pey did okay for a little while, I hurried and hit all mine and went home to set up his present. He gave me golf stuff and an Xbox live account. Which I have wanted for quite some time :) so I was extremely happy. He came home to this on our dresser in our bedroom. Yes I finally did it, I let him have a T.V. in our room.... You gotta pick your battles ;)
Mike was shocked and very happy. I did get scolded for going over our $50.00 limit, but I figured its more for the both of us so it's from and she doesn't have a limit. Right? :)
Got home played some COD of course with my new live account (N1k0t1nE)! Not many wives will play Xbox with their husband I guess you could say we're BFFs!
Then we got all showered up and dropped Peyton off with Colton, Lynne and Thersea. Mike and I headed to Carvers, it reminded me a lot of  where we went last year in NYC The Palm and also Flemmings in SLC. It was perfect, I really recommend it. It is pricey so go on a special occasion so you don't feel guilty :)
After dinner we went to Jordan Commons to see a movie and the only one we agreed on was 5ast 5ive! It was amazing of course, I sure do love a movie with Paul Walker in it.
Then we picked up Pey and came home. What a day!
I am so lucky to have such an amazing hubby!


Esplins said…
Appy Annie indeed! It took me reading the actual post to figure out what you were actually talking about. I'm so glad the tv was a big hit. I'm sure he loved it. Have fun playing xbox live you two nerds :)

Oh and lunch was fun... let's get together again.

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