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After many years of PATIENTLY waiting. MIKE, PEYTON and I are proud owners of Kilo a 7 month old puppy. He is a Harlequin Great Dane!  He is not the exact age and color I wanted, but it was love at first sight!  Friends of my brother had him and another GD that is 4 they also have 3 little girl and couldn't give Kilo the attention he needs.  Kilo is named after the military Alphabet. K as in Kilo, it's close to Milo ;)
In a year or two I think we will stud him out, since we have his pedigree and he is a pure bred and papered. He is very well tempered and trained to go potty outside. He knows the commands no, sit, lay down, up, and we’re still working on stay.  He will go potty in one spot, I made that spot be right by the garbage cans. Yup I’m a thinker! He sleeps at the foot of our bed on the floor. When were gone he stays in his “kennel” which is a big pantry, you’ll see the pictures below.  So far there are only a few things that I’m going to have to get over or get use to.…

5 Months

Pey got measured again this month herLength 27''= in percentile 95Weight of 15.18= between percentile 25 and 50 . I took her a few days ago because she had a really bad cough that was keeping her from sleeping. No infection just a little cold, the cough sounded worse than it really was.
 *She is still chewing on everything. If she grabs your necklace or a toy well anything really it goes straight to her little mouth. Depending on what it is she will either keep sucking on it or spit it out.
* Her most favorite toy is a plastic bag or anything that crinkles. I have to watch her carefully since those are so dangerous. She loves them though!
* She laughs so hard when you tickle her then I start laughing at her and she laughs because I'm laughing. It's really quite entertaining :)
* She is one rollie drooly polli girl, if I leave the room I am shocked to see how far she has "traveled".

* If she is unhappy put her on her feet and she will start smiling again. She love…


Today about 4 hours ago we got curbing! Yay finally we can start the garden and the planting.
My dad recommended 
Accent Lawn Borders.  When your in the construction biz you know who is good and who isn't and these guys are fantastic!
Frank came over and check it out he showed me that someone had stepped on it in 3 places. Yes I am fighting mad. Pissed actually.
I called up Accent and he told me how to fix it, he is coming back in a few days (this is where he will blow off the silver look and leave the texture and seal the color) and will fix it then, but for now he told me to do my best.

I got out the water and butter knife and scraper and worked away. Then I called Mike.
Tomorrow I'm going to wait and watch and see who cuts through my yard, I measured the shoe size and I'm guessing its a Jr. high kid that got off the bus.

 Pey fell asleep out in the sun chilling with momma.

In a week we will dig it all out and replace the house side with sifted dirt and start planting. :)

Appy Annie!!!

May 2nd 2009 2 Years  Wow time has sure flown by and my love for Mike just grows stronger everyday. I think of US when I hear this song and so many many others as you already know. My friend Emily gave me the idea to post a link to our love in case you all forgot :) Mike took off work so we had the whole day together! It started off with breakfast at IHOP :) Then we went to Costco with Spencer while Mike went to the gym. I got his present there. Spencer helped me lift it and took care of Baby Pey. Then off to the gym where we got a nice tan walking outside. Mike met me at Fox Hollow to some balls at the range. Pey did okay for a little while, I hurried and hit all mine and went home to set up his present. He gave me golf stuff and an Xbox live account. Which I have wanted for quite some time :) so I was extremely happy. He came home to this on our dresser in our bedroom. Yes I finally did it, I let him have a T.V. in our room.... You gotta pick your battles ;) Mike was shocked and very h…