Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amber is the Color of Your Energy

"You live too far away
your voice rings like a bell anyway" - 311

I don't know what to say, I'm not even sure if this is appropriate. I just know I want to say so much to you right now and I can't. I hate this. I hate they way it came to an end. We didn't know you were at such a low. I would have changed so many things, but now I can't.  I am sick inside thinking of your pain. You are so kind and loving and yet somewhat shy. You were my friend when I needed you most. I wish I could have done the same. There are many regrets from so many. You will never be forgotten and we will remember you for who and what you truly are.  I love you my friend and will miss you, may God be with you till we meet again. 

CJM May 16, 1987- April 25, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

4 Months

What is that??
Yes its a tooth, she is chewing on everything she can get her hands on. It isn't a front tooth either which is surprising because most babies get there front four first. Not this girl. She hasn't been like most babies though.
You'll see what I mean in the next paragraph.

Her cute Minnie (huge) bow I got her!

Mike hates any type of sling. I had to buy it with out him knowing lol 
He thinks they are hideous and I agree, but they are a complete life savor. There is no way house work would get done with out it. When she is awake she wants to be held and wants to you stand.

3 1/2 Months
We went to the doctor today. P has a little bit of a cold, not much you can do just wait it out. We both get weighed. I am 3lbs down from where I was when I got pregnant yay!  Peyton is 13.11 lbs in the 75th for weight and 27 in. long and still off the chart completely. The nurse always measures P, but today the doc wanted to double check. He was shocked to see her growing like a weed. He said "wow she is sure long." He then tested her neck muscles and said she is lifting/supporting her head like a 6 month old. "She also very alert for her age." Of course I smiled like a proud mom then came the sad part. 4 shots... She didn't cry hard just this sad little whimper I've heard only once before (when she rolled off the couch) she makes the saddest little face too. Her bottom lip pushed out it makes me want to cry. Luckily it didn't last long, I learned and had a bottle ready she was soon distracted with that. :)

Meet Pete this is Peys boyfriend. Yes I know I'm horrible, but I needed something to do with that bald spot.
Pey and Papa

Pey has discovered a few things:
How to suck on her bottom lip.
                                  Her feet and how to grab them.
Her fist, but mainly her pointer finger. She chews on it all day long.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disneyland Day 2

Our plan was to wake up early and go on the busy rides that we missed yesterday. Well we all slept in till about 9:30 and when we woke up breakfast was ready and it was an amazing feast! Whitney's daddy (where we were staying) made it. I hate bacon, but I have discovered Turkey bacon! (Mike will be happy to have bacon in our home) We ate and played with the kids and left for Disney arriving about 1:00 again. We rode all of the rides we didn't get to the previous day. Enjoy the pics!

My hottie of a sister, here is her post of this trip.

Dane and Pluto, he is his most favorite character. I'm so happy he got to have a picture with him!
Whits favorite ride, Winnie the Pooh!

Turkey legs and Soup bowls!
The highlight of the trip for me was this and the fireworks.
The Lilly Belle if you have never road it then you must. It was way neat.

Napping on Minnie's bed

For years and years I have tried to watch the fireworks, but it has always been way to windy. I finally got to see them and it was amazing! I love tink and her bright green outfit!

After we went to the Lego store. Dane is a Lego fanatic.
I covered his eyes and we made him guess where he was.

He freaked when he saw this. His two favorite things. Legos + Star Wars = Perfection

It was such a fun vay cay.
There aren't any SD Temple pics because I didn't end up getting to go :(
I always have my recommend in my wallet well last week I took it out since it was expired and went and got a new one, but never put it back in my wallet because I need the stakes signature. Mike called me and told me I left it, I though oh they can look it up at the temple, but then I realized it was expired.
Ya I'm really sad I missed my friends sealing and didn't get to see one of my most favorite temples.
I guess that means I'll be going to SD soon to see it.

Thanks for reading my posts and to leave on a happy note.
Dane said to Ashton on the ride home " If you have 1 half leg and 1 half turkey leg then you have 1 whole working leg" ha ha ha
Also Dane stumped us with 20 questions his first item was poo then a robot and other wired things. It took us a long long time to finally guess them.  :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disneyland Day 1

We arrive to DL around 1:00 and the first thing we did was go on Toy Story Midway Mania.
It's a new Woody and Buzz ride!

Here we are waiting in line.

 Then of course to California Screamin (Danes Favorite) and then on to Grizzly Bear Rapids!

Dane got at kids meal and was ticked because it was so small as you can see he ate it all then Ashton made him a "salad" with the condiment bar just to lighten the mood. So funny!

Talking to the hubby, I missed him and Pey a lot.

Waited about 20 min for Dole Whips, long but worth it

 WORLD OF COLOR! It was truly amazing, I cannot wait to watch it again and again and again. We barely made it in to the first showing with some extra tickets from some DL employees.  
So we were in the back and I was standing behind a guy that was oh about 6'6'' after a few minutes he asked me to stand in front of him with hesitation I did. Then the guy in front of me was his dad I could tell he asked me to stand in front of him he was about 6'2''. So I knew they could see over me. I was behind all the kids now so I could see perfectly, but the lady to my right and left were obviously family of the men and had confused looks on their faces wondering why I was standing there in the middle of their family. It was awkward, but I didn't care the view was worth it. My singing probably didn't help out with the awkwardness though, I can't resist when I hear those Disney classics :)

In line for Peter Pan, if you go after the fireworks the lines are shorter. 

Dane wanted to ride the Tea Cups alone and since there was no one in line he got to.
 Snow White ride. Spooky ;)
It was a great 1st day very fun and very tiring! Off to beddy bye.