When it Rains, It POURS

Written Feb. 3rd 2011
The last few weeks have been a big test for Mike and I. We’re still in this storm, but I have faith.
It all started when I got in my car and my check engine light was on. CRAP! I took it to the dealership he said you also have a head light out. So to even look at the engine and to fix the headlight he said would be about 270.00 just to start out and 3 to 4 hours. I laughed and said okay thanks and left.  
Two days later I was home just visiting with one of my bffs and I heard the garage door. I jumped up and to my surprise I saw Mike. I said Hey home for lunch?  He said No I got laid off today. I laughed and said sure, what’s really up? Then I noticed his eyes started to tear up. He was NOT joking.  I was shocked. I kept telling myself not to have a freak out because that would make Mike upset and to be strong. That lasted a few hours.  I was thinking great we just got 3K in medical bills. We have savings, but that was for my new XTerra. I had to take a BIG step back and say why do we have savings? For times like these.  Right now Mike has had about 6 interviews. Some went really great, some not so great. Some in Cali, some in Minnesota. If you know me then you know how close I am with my family. I love PG.  Were still in a big processes and I’m just staying positive. Mike is one smart guy, I didn’t just marry him for his looks. He’s got skills!
Through all of this, I find out our insurance ended well 3 days ago. I hurried and went to the Doctor and the Eye Doctor.  Peyton got all of her shots and we were content. Come to find out yesterday my little princess has a cold, to top it off today I woke up with a sore throat and so did Mike. How did P get sick and give it to us all. I know Mike and I will get better, but it breaks my heart to see her sick.
Luckily I can message my Dr. and he told me to give it a few days and if she is still eating not to come in.
As for right now. I’m waiting for something bad to happen, which is horrible to think. I know. It just seems that a lot is going wrong right now.
I have to keep taking a step back and say, I have a wonderful job available to me at anytime.  Maybe I have to wait a while to get a dog and an XTerra. That is okay, we’re going to be just fine!

Ha Ha Ha remember how I talked about something bad happening.....
I hit a pot hole getting on the free way in Lindon. It was cold. Pey slept the whole time thank goodness! 
I guess if that's as bad as it gets that is okay.
I found this today as I was cleaning up my desktop in a Word doc. Sometimes you just need to write to get all of your feelings out. Its interesting how things can change and strengthen your testimony, marriage, and family.
Life is good! Need I say more.


Esplins said…
Oh life's ups and downs. I'm glad you were able to look back on something only to realize it wasn't all worth worrying about. I love moments like that. I also love that you want an Xterra. That use to be my dram car too. We really are so much alike :)
Brian and Kayla said…
Oh man I hit a pole in a parking lot when David was like 7 days old. My mom was in the backseat next to him. It caught me so off guard I fell apart. I totally thought I killed my baby...broke his neck or something. Of course nothing happened but when your so emotional as it is things like that can really be a big deal. Sounds like you dealt with your pole-crash better than I did. Glad to know you are getting through these difficult times okay. Trials aren't bad..they are just hard. They make us better in the end right?
Anonymous said…
Nikki we love you guys! If you need ANYTHING we're here for ya! When its gets that bad the only way to go is up!

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