3 Months

This is bitter sweet for me. My little newborn is not a newborn any more and I don't like it. She is growing up too fast. On the other end I love watching her grow and develop. She already has quite the personality!
We went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she was 12.5 lbs and 27 in. long I'm not sure what she is now, but she is defiantly heavier.
* I love her giggles!
* Our little fishy is blowing bubbles more and more every day
* I wonder if she is going to cut teeth soon she is a drooler!
* She arches her back if she doesn't like something. She threw a little tantrum when I put her in her car seat yesterday...
* Peyt can now grab her toys and pull them in to her mouth.
* She loves to be NAKED!
* She is ticklish all over
* P is a talker, especially around 5 AM I have to keep shushing her so she doesn't wake up daddy. She is also a  SCREAMER! (video to come tomorrow) If she is really really happy she will full on scream and kick. So cute! I hope she never realizes she can do this when crying too.
* She has already learned to ignore people. She will look in any direction, but yours if she is not in the mood.
* She loves to stand, sitting is okay for her, but if she is standing she is almost always happy.
* Pey Pey is constantly rolling from tummy to back, she keeps trying to roll from back to tummy, but I still have to help her for now.
* CORRECTION! I wrote this on her 3 month day, but today (2 days later) she was on the couch and I was busy looking for something. When all of a sudden I heard her crying and sad little whimper :( I ran in to the living room (because I knew something was defiantly wrong) to find her on her belly crying. I was about to start crying myself, I was so worried. I picked her up and she laughed!  I learned a very valuable lesson today.
* She loves it when Mike and I sing to her.
* Sleep, What is that? This little stinker hasn't figured out how to sleep through the night constantly. Its an every other night kind of thing. Hopefully this isn't a habit.
*Mike said "We've got eyebrow movement, she has learned how to use them". ha ha I think she's known how to use them for a while, but Mike just discovered it so its going on the blog.

Aunt Cindy took some pics of P while she was here for Sharolee and Jason's wedding.
She did such an amazing job. Too bad she lives in WA or I'd have her take new ones all the time!

Her expression in this is priceless

 Blessing Dress

 Dress for the wedding
 I love this picture so much. She has the cutest lil bum bum!


Esplins said…
Oh I just love her. We need to get together again so I can see her... I'm sure she misses me ;)
todd and erin said…
She is so stinkin cute. Doesn't it kill you how fast they grow?? I can't believe it!
Tela said…
She so cute Nikki!! I love all the picturs!!
Tela said…
She so cute Nikki!! I love all the picturs!!

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