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3 Months

This is bitter sweet for me. My little newborn is not a newborn any more and I don't like it. She is growing up too fast. On the other end I love watching her grow and develop. She already has quite the personality!
We went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she was 12.5 lbs and 27 in. long I'm not sure what she is now, but she is defiantly heavier.
* I love her giggles!
* Our little fishy is blowing bubbles more and more every day
* I wonder if she is going to cut teeth soon she is a drooler!
* She arches her back if she doesn't like something. She threw a little tantrum when I put her in her car seat yesterday...
* Peyt can now grab her toys and pull them in to her mouth.
* She loves to be NAKED!
* She is ticklish all over
* P is a talker, especially around 5 AM I have to keep shushing her so she doesn't wake up daddy. She is also a  SCREAMER! (video to come tomorrow) If she is really really happy she will full on scream and kick. So cute! I hope she never realizes she ca…

Spring is in the air!

It has been wonderful weather the last few days. Mckell and our kiddies went to the softball games. This was Peytons first time on the grass. As you can see she tried to eat it.

This pic reminds me of a story. I helped my friend Payden pick out his engagement ring for Annette and when we were there. The salesman joked about how I am starting P off young having her look at diamonds so already. He said whats next a pony?  We laughed and said she already has one of those!  This is P meeting her pony blueberry for the first time.

 Mike and I were joking around about all the stuff my body has wrong with it and we hope P gets most of Mikes genes. Here is a picture of her wearing my glasses.

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Monday, Jan 09 ST. THOMAS,

Tuesday, Jan 10 DOMINICA

Wednesday, Jan 11 BARBADOS

Thursday, Jan 12 ST. LUCIA, WI

Friday, Jan 13 ST KITTS, WI

Saturday, Jan 14 ST. MAARTEN, NA


Pey Pey

Over the last few weeks Mike and I have noticed that Peyton loves T.V. (we were watching this dog for a lady in our ward) So lately I've had the T.V. on little kids shows, it seems she likes those the best. Its all the colors and movement I'm sure.

I walked in to the bathroom to find this little cutie taking a shower with dad, so I grabbed my phone and took this. It made me laugh so hard :)
Mike and I went on a date with The Eplins and I left P with my parents. She really likes to pull hair. Dane found that out quickly.
Blowing bubbles! I constantly have to wipe her face or else her shirt gets soaked from this new trick.  Well she was blowing bubbles, but I didn't get them before they popped.
About 15 minutes into church there was an explosion! Why? The doctor (not my doctor) said she could either have Walking Pneumonia or Allergies. He put her on stuff that makes her have really really bad diarrhea. He warned me about it, but I didn't think it would be this bad!!! 
So here …

When it Rains, It POURS

Written Feb. 3rd 2011 The last few weeks have been a big test for Mike and I. We’re still in this storm, but I have faith. It all started when I got in my car and my check engine light was on. CRAP! I took it to the dealership he said you also have a head light out. So to even look at the engine and to fix the headlight he said would be about 270.00 just to start out and 3 to 4 hours. I laughed and said okay thanks and left.   Two days later I was home just visiting with one of my bffs and I heard the garage door. I jumped up and to my surprise I saw Mike. I said Hey home for lunch?  He said No I got laid off today. I laughed and said sure, what’s really up? Then I noticed his eyes started to tear up. He was NOT joking.  I was shocked. I kept telling myself not to have a freak out because that would make Mike upset and to be strong. That lasted a few hours.  I was thinking great we just got 3K in medical bills. We have savings, but that was for my new XTerra. I had to take a BIG step ba…