Groundhog Day 2011

Last Valentines Day I got Mike the movie Groundhog Day.
We started a tradition of watching it every year. I'm still deciding if I like this :)

Peyton in her Batman shirt.
I found P like this, I wonder who could have done this?
Mike and the boppy :)
We are proud parents!

I hope you liked the Video, I'm learning how to use iMovie on our Mac. Mike picked out the song :)

Where was I?
As I was finishing posting the video above. I looked over and saw a dark spot on Pey Peys tummy. As I leaned closer I realized. She pooped. As I took off her Batman onesie a smell filled the room. I have never smelled anything like it. Including Payden after Del Taco. :)
I realized her pants were safe no blow out from the sides. She pooped up. There was poop in her belly button! It was everywhere... I told Mike go start the bath. Wipes cannot get rid of this smell or mess. It was a great success. 2nd bath of the day, but much needed and very worth it.
Well that's all for now folks, I'm missing Conan.

PS. P over the last few days has learn how to grab my hair. She keeps doing it to. I thought they didn't start that for a good few months...


Tabitha said…
I thought so too, but then I had John. He STILL pulls my hair and laughs after I tell him no. I fear I'll have to have short hair forever! AH!
Tabitha said…
Oh, PS: Peyton is ADORABLE!
Brian and Kayla said…
That video is so funny. She is an early roller!
Anonymous said…
I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.
HAHAHA I love the gameing headphones on her head! That so has Mike writte all over it! And something Mitch would do too!!

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