2 Months

* Still pulling my hair, she has this death grip and she manages to pull my hair a few times a day.

* I tickle her face with my hair and she laughs.

* When she is upset me makes the saddest little face, its a huge frown. Then she fusses.

* She makes bubbles, they are cute. I constantly have to wipe her face because once they pop she has drool everywhere.

* She has experienced a few more flavors, Mike thinks its funny to put her binky in things.

* Snores when she sleeps, it might be because she still has a little cold. We think its super cute though. 

* Like both her mom and dad she sleeps on her side. Even though I put her on her back every night.

* She seems to sleep longer at night, from 12 to 5ish

* She is quite the talker. Mike and I talk to her all the time, I'll get a video of it soon.

* She love love loves T.V.

*She follows me with her eyes as I walk across the room.

* If we put a rattle in her hand she smacks her self in the head every time.... So we don't do that any more. 

* She lets them rip, this is one gassy little girl. The worst is when were in the store and other people hear her and I hope they don't think its me....

* Baths are her favorite time of the day by far. She can kick off the wall pretty hard, like a little froggy! Maybe we have a swimmer on our hands. 

* She stands for long periods of time, she has learned to lock her legs. 

* When she giggles she shrugs her shoulders. She is laughing and smiling all the time. 

* If I put her on her tummy in the morning she rolls over instantly so tummy time is now at night when she is tired and won't roll. :)

* She got glitter nails to match mommy for Sharolees wedding this month. 

P just chilling on our bed. Sometimes she sleeps like this :)

Sleeping on her side.

She is no longer sleeping in our room in the bassinet she now sleeps in her crib. She just got too long for the bassinet.  Although around 5ish I bring her in bed with me .... Not a good habit to start, I know.

I sure love you little one!
even when you pull my hair....

Aunt Whitney got her this! She was even giggling when I took this picture.

The Bassinet that she slept in and I once slept in 23 years ago.

Me in the same bassinet :)

Mike as a baby

My first picture as a baby

Here you can see she has my nose. She has Mikes lips, he as this drop down on his top lip that they both have. 


paislea said…
aweeeeeeeeeeeee. nikki!! she's so cute. i went to target last night and nordstrom and was just hanging out in the baby isle. i'm sure that it's not a good habit to start, especially because i want a baby SO bad. but i am just way too excited!

i cannot wait to dress a little baby girl and make her look. just. like. ME!

allister bee blog
Brooke {B} said…
She is so sweet Nikki!!!! I just want to scoop her up! Isnt being a mom the best?! Love reading your blog by the way!
Esplins said…
Oh she's just so sweet. I love her darling little face! Can't wait to hold her again :)
Anonymous said…
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