Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 Months

* Still pulling my hair, she has this death grip and she manages to pull my hair a few times a day.

* I tickle her face with my hair and she laughs.

* When she is upset me makes the saddest little face, its a huge frown. Then she fusses.

* She makes bubbles, they are cute. I constantly have to wipe her face because once they pop she has drool everywhere.

* She has experienced a few more flavors, Mike thinks its funny to put her binky in things.

* Snores when she sleeps, it might be because she still has a little cold. We think its super cute though. 

* Like both her mom and dad she sleeps on her side. Even though I put her on her back every night.

* She seems to sleep longer at night, from 12 to 5ish

* She is quite the talker. Mike and I talk to her all the time, I'll get a video of it soon.

* She love love loves T.V.

*She follows me with her eyes as I walk across the room.

* If we put a rattle in her hand she smacks her self in the head every time.... So we don't do that any more. 

* She lets them rip, this is one gassy little girl. The worst is when were in the store and other people hear her and I hope they don't think its me....

* Baths are her favorite time of the day by far. She can kick off the wall pretty hard, like a little froggy! Maybe we have a swimmer on our hands. 

* She stands for long periods of time, she has learned to lock her legs. 

* When she giggles she shrugs her shoulders. She is laughing and smiling all the time. 

* If I put her on her tummy in the morning she rolls over instantly so tummy time is now at night when she is tired and won't roll. :)

* She got glitter nails to match mommy for Sharolees wedding this month. 

P just chilling on our bed. Sometimes she sleeps like this :)

Sleeping on her side.

She is no longer sleeping in our room in the bassinet she now sleeps in her crib. She just got too long for the bassinet.  Although around 5ish I bring her in bed with me .... Not a good habit to start, I know.

I sure love you little one!
even when you pull my hair....

Aunt Whitney got her this! She was even giggling when I took this picture.

The Bassinet that she slept in and I once slept in 23 years ago.

Me in the same bassinet :)

Mike as a baby

My first picture as a baby

Here you can see she has my nose. She has Mikes lips, he as this drop down on his top lip that they both have. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is what our family would look like if we were all androidians. Not to be mistaken with acordians. Enjoy the loverlyness.

Notice how hot Nikki is looking and sorry about my feet.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blessing Day

Peyton Tajma Hall was blessed today by her father Micheal Wayne Hall.
Exactly 9 weeks from birth on 02/20/2011
What a wonderful day. It was so nice having our family and friends around to celebrate with us.
She was quiet through the whole thing. Mike said she was asleep, but as the circle got together she opened her eyes for a few seconds.
Mom was very worried about her crying. Not even a peep from that little angel.
Dad did a wonderful job with the blessing! The spirit was very strong, I barely wrote down her blessing because I was so emotional.
We had lots of family and friends come over to our home for a luncheon. Sadly I didn't get any pictures with The Halls and The Zippros :( They were there though!

Mike tipping P upside down.
Happy Family!
Recognize the dress? Yes it was mine. As you probably know Mike and I are both very nostalgic.
Sam, Amy and baby Pey
Whit, Ash and P

Annette, Payden and P making faces

Showing off her bracelet Annette made her.
Kristen, Nate and P
Parry Family
Dane and Peyton

Kaden and Peyton

He held her hand for a few seconds. :)
Yes they are both standing, she is one tall girl.
This is at Kadens blessing.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The end of January birthdays!
Mike is showing P his birthday cake and candles. :)
Mike bought another toy to add to his electronic collection. We love it, its the KINECT! If you don't have one, get one!
Here is a slide of my fam playing the dance central.

Obviously this is before P was born. Our annual UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY!
Mike won the Ugliest Sweater . It was donated from my mothers closet. Hopefully you understand that I was trying to be a snow globe lol.
Phil and Whit won the song game and you can see the pic of her sitting on his lap.

Some hospital photos I found that I haven't put up.


Buongiorno! Mike here.
Things have been a bit crazy and relaxed around our house for the past month. It all started back on January 20th when my employer decided to lay me off with the rest of Marketing and Sales. I have no clue how they expect to be successful without anyone selling or marketing the business but thats not my problem any more. I think everything happens for a reasons and feel that something better is on the horizon.
Being without a job and health insurance scares my pantaloons off, so I dived into updating my portfolio and starting the interview process. With lots of help from different business contacts and friends I had 12 interviews in the first couple weeks. Nothing seemed to be a perfect fit and no offers. So for the last few weeks when I haven't been working on side jobs I have been able to hang out with my beautiful wife and daughter! Its been wonderful. We've been living off savings which has been tough but I'm glad that it happened. Really I've been able to take a month long vacation.
On Monday I had three more interviews lined up. They all went awesome but there was something about the second. I felt great about the position, it was exactly what I'm looking to do and what I love to do. So… dun dunna dah! I'm proud to announce that you are hearing from the newest UI Developer for SolutionStream. Its a job I will love, it has the pay I was looking to get, its close to home. Everything about it is just peachy. I can't wait. I start this next Monday and it will be wonderful.

Nikki on the other hand, hasn't enjoyed the month long vacation. Here is her take.

My first reaction when Mike walked in the door around noon. I said "hey, here for lunch?" He told me he got let go. I laughed and said no really whats up? Then I could tell by the look on his face. This was no joke.
Trying to be strong and supportive for Mike was hard. I am an open book when it comes to emotion. He knew I was scared. I knew deep down everything was going to be okay, I have faith in the Lord. I also have family if needed and they were all right there letting us know this. It really has been nice to be with Mike. I love spending time with him, but it's not the ideal situation. Through the last few weeks I have learned a lot. How to budget better, what is a want and what is a need. This trial really has been a blessing in disguise. My testimony has definitely grown and my love for my family has once again been increased. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. I am also grateful that I will be able to continue to stay home with Peyton. She is such a blessing and we love having this little angel in our home. We are the luckiest!
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A love questionnaire for Valentines Day!

1) How We Met
I don't remember the first time I laid eyes on Michael, he just remembers I was a weirdo! It was at a Brand New Concert in June of 2006. 
Officially we met again December 19th 2006 at Colby Dankleffs birthday part at Fridays in Provo. I didn't like Mike he annoyed me. Eventually he asked my friend Kiley for my # and you know the rest. 

2) Our First Date
This is also a little complicated. We hung out before we actually went on a date. We could count the first time he paid for me at Bombay house. I like to count when we went bowling with Tyson on a double. 

3) Our First Kiss
I thought it would be after the date, but unfourtunatly I had my most embarresing moment when the door scene came...
A few days later after hot tubbing with his friends we were in his room listening to Dashboard and he kissed me :)

4) How We "Knew"
We both KNEW on our way home from Vegas, Yes just 1 month of knowing each other.  We didn't tell each other because that would have been weird... We joked with our friends that we got hitched in Vegas. Later we talked about when we "knew" and we both said Vegas.

5) The Proposal

6) The Wedding Day

7) The Honeymoon

8) Our First Holiday Together
His Birthday, I made him a Camo blanket ( doesn't everyone like Camo in Utah) HA HA not Mike, but I did good with the German Chocolate Cake. 
Valentines was our second holiday. I TRASHED his Jeep. Little did I know he is OCD about his Vehicles being clean... 

9) Our First Home

10) 15 Things About Mike
1. He makes me laugh all the time. 2. He loves Macs 3. He is named after his dad 4. He has ADHD 5. He has Green eyes 6. He loves his family 7. He holds the Priesthood 8. He is a Web Designer 9. He is a movie fanatic 10. He said "He loves his babies" 11. He sings all the time, he makes up his own silly songs 12. He loves his Xbox and his Kinect. 13. He grows a beard every Sept to Jan. 14. He likes the Beatles 15. He loves traveling

11) 15 Things About Nikki
1. I love to blog :) 2. I like eating 3. I play softball 4. I like to snowboard, wakeboard and longboard. 5. l own 2 ponies 6. I like animals especially Great Danes 7. Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. 8. I hate praying mantices 9. I am LDS 10. I will go to Thailand someday. 11. Green and Black are my favorite colors. 12. English is my enemy. 13. I LOVE Math 14. I am teaching my self code 15. My family is the most import thing to me. 

12) Favorite Picture of Us
We have over a thousand pictures of us, I can't choose just one. I really love this one, its not my most favorite, but I love it. 

13) Favorite Activities To Do Together
We are so similar so there are a lot. Play video games, longboard, wakeboard, poker, board games,     movies, camping, fishing, and so much more

14) Favorite Memories Together
 Birth of Peyton, Vegas, Honeymoon, Tim and Faith Concert 

16) Most Embarrassing Dating Moment
Well when I tried to kiss Mike and he denied me... Don't worry there was a reason :)

17) Best Dating Moments
Trip to Vegas and our trips to Disneyland every year. 

18) Our Years in Pictures
I'm going to do more than just this year. Here you have our last 4 years :)
February 4th, 2007

 April 2nd, 2008
May 2nd, 2009

October 25th, 2009

November 2nd, 2010

January 15th, 2011

19) Mike's Family
Mike and Suzanne, Sharolee and Jason, Matt, Adam and Amanda

20) Nikki's Family
Frank & Juli, Ashton and Whitney, Colton and Lynne, Theresa, Chase and Tillie, Dane

21) Entertaining Married Moments
As you know Mike is very entertaining all the time. He makes me laugh every single day. I am starting a war by putting up this video (he already warned me). ENJOY!

22) Our Favorite Movies
Depends on the day, we watch this one every Christmas though.

23) Our Song
My Bestfriend by Tim Mcgraw

24) An Inside Joke
We have a lot. Here are three
1. B.B.J.C.
2. Dog the Bounty Hunter
3. Pineapple

25) Some of Nikki's Favorite Things
Longboarding, Hunting and Fishing, Family, Horses, Flowers, Mike and Peyton

26) Some of Mike's Favorite Things
Music, Movies, Computers, Snowboarding, Video Games, Food, Nikki and Peyton

27) Our Nicknames
Mike really has ever only called me Nikki or babe. Other people call me Nik, Knik, Nikotine and so on
Mike is a nickname for Michael obviously. I also call him Mikey and babe. Other people call him Bronco, Scatolax.

28) First Picture Together
The first one is at Bombay House. The second is at a BYU basketball game. :) I didn't tell him for a while that I was a Ute fan. Yep i'm even smiling with Cozmo.

29) Somewhere We Want to Vacation
Our next big trip will be to Hawaii in Aug. then to the Western Carribean in Jan. THEN TO:
Thailand, Italy, Paris, Egypt and much much more.

30) Our Favorite Place
On a tropical beach together or the Temple

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sick Week

Our family has been sick for last few days...  I luckily got this after her shots and the next day before she got sick. :(

The first 1:30 are random clips. The last 2:00 might make you dizzy sorry, but its well worth it!

And now for a little shout out!
GO PACKERS!! I only wish Brett Favre was still there. What a great win though!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog Day 2011

Last Valentines Day I got Mike the movie Groundhog Day.
We started a tradition of watching it every year. I'm still deciding if I like this :)

Peyton in her Batman shirt.
I found P like this, I wonder who could have done this?
Mike and the boppy :)
We are proud parents!

I hope you liked the Video, I'm learning how to use iMovie on our Mac. Mike picked out the song :)

Where was I?
As I was finishing posting the video above. I looked over and saw a dark spot on Pey Peys tummy. As I leaned closer I realized. She pooped. As I took off her Batman onesie a smell filled the room. I have never smelled anything like it. Including Payden after Del Taco. :)
I realized her pants were safe no blow out from the sides. She pooped up. There was poop in her belly button! It was everywhere... I told Mike go start the bath. Wipes cannot get rid of this smell or mess. It was a great success. 2nd bath of the day, but much needed and very worth it.
Well that's all for now folks, I'm missing Conan.

PS. P over the last few days has learn how to grab my hair. She keeps doing it to. I thought they didn't start that for a good few months...