Family Pictures!

I think this is everyones favorite pic. It's Mikes and mine for sure.
Thanks to Tillie and Natalie for making the headband and bracelet!

So Happy!

Papa Halls favorite (grandpa)

Mike likes how different this one is. I love her tutu!

Mimi's Favorite (Grandma Hall)

A special thanks to Emily and Katy!


Whitney Parry said…
She is gorgeous! I love her!
Tela said…
She is a perfect baby! She is so adorable, so have tons of fun with her!!
Esplins said…
Oh she is beautiful! I love these pictures! They did such a great job. I'll have to keep them in mind for future pics.
Arica said…
She really is so beautiful. I love the one of her in the black! I need to sneak over and see her:)
paislea said…

she is the most gorgeous baby! i love her i love her!!!!!!!!!

a little bird told me that you might bring her into work on friday! i hope to see you!!!!

allister bee blog
nikki she is so pretty seriously good job!!!
Sarah said…
P is just beautiful! You have the cutest family!!
Gorgeous family!! I love all of the pictures!!

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