Rubber Ducky You're The One!

Pay Pay had her first bath and she LOVED it!

 I was trying to get a good colored pictures, but against the bathwater and the lighting it wasn't happening.

 Freezing little girl

Long legs!

She started smiling again after we got her all dry and lotioned up

 I didn't pose her for this, its just how she sleeps :)


paislea said…
she's so gorgeous! i love these little pictures. she's going to be one tall lady! [that's a good thing - she'll be our little model!!!]

i want to come over and hold her soon! i loved seeing you all at walmart! woot!

allister bee blog
Esplins said…
she's beautiful! what a sweetie. thanks for posting more pics. i love to see her.
Malerie said…
Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl. There is nothing better than being a parent. Life just gets better with every moment.

I know we don't know each other really but i wanted you to know how happy i am for you and Mike.

Again, congrats. Peyton is darling!
lynniethepooh said…
I love her so much! I can't stop looking at the photos!

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