Dad's Take on Peyton's Grand Entrance to the World

The past month has been an incredible one for Nikki and I. We have been oh so blessed to bring our new daughter into this crazy world, but more importantly into our beautiful 'little family'.

Nikki's pregnancy was not the easiest one for her. She put up with every kind of pain I could ever have imagined and never complained once. She is truly the strongest person I know. That is why I love her and am keeping her all to myself! Mine!

We were nervous as to how everything would go when delivery time came. My biggest nightmare was that it would all go down on a blustery cold night, with me driving through the snow with Nikki screaming about how she could see the head. Luckily we it did not happen like that. Not at all.

We went to the hospital the early in the morning of December 19th. Once we got there we checked in and were ready to commence. Nikki donned her exquisitely sexy hospital gown and I took up residence in my rocking chair. After nearly killing Nikki while inserting in the IV, the nurse came in and hollered "Alright! Lets pump some Pitocin!" (or something like that). Once the Pitocin was flowing we sat back and played the waiting game for the next couple of hours. Nikki's contractions were steady and getting stronger. Being the easily bored person that I am, I quickly found an American classic movie to watch while we waited ("Where Eagles Dare" [If you haven't seen it, you should stop reading this and go watch it right now.]). Nikki of course hated the movie and I found the constant 'blrumping' sounds the baby monitors were making a bit distracting. But it didn't ruin the movie. Seriously. Go watch it people.

Around 11:45 Nikki started feeling some pain from the contractions and we told the nurse we were ready to get the epidural. Nikki being Nikki, said that of course she had to use the lavatory before anything else could happen. So once she got back the pain from the contractions was miraculously gone! But the epidural had been ordered so we went with it anyway. You should have seen this needle! It was awesome! The anesthetist or who ever that stuck her did an awesome job. He was really good and even greater, Nikki was really good about it! I know she was dying inside from nervousness when they started but she took it like a great Roman champion. She conquered the epidural like a bullfighter taking a bull in EspaƱa. Needless (Needles! Ha!) to say, I was proud.

Then we waited some more, and more, and then my rocking chair got uncomfortable, and Angry Birds wasn't as exciting, and I had sampled all the different cookies and crackers and Fig Newtons and juices in the kitchen. I was bored. Luckily Nikki was there to keep me company. It was still exciting. Especially when Pey Pey's little heart rate started to drop and the nurses all came running in screaming and shouting. Totally ruining the ambiance that I was trying to create. But its okay. They were just trying to keep my babes safe. Everything started over again. Waiting... waiting... waiting.

We also had family there to talk too and cheer us on. Some of them had pom poms and air horns and banners and someone was playing a tuba. It was great having everyone there to support us. So thank you family and friends that came. You all are wonderful and we will love you forever and ever and ever forever. Forever.

This is getting long.

So then eight o'clock rolled around we found out we were dilated enough to commence the debarkation. The doctor gave the okay for the nurse to start going over pushing techniques with us. So I grabbed another Fig Newton and joined Nikki and Nurse Flamboppity (no that's not her real name, I just can't remember what it was) and we started pushing. Nikki wasn't feeling all that great and thought she might throw some things up, so I went to get some more cream wafers for me and some ice chunkys for Nikki. In no time Nikki went and pushed too hard and as I walked in the Nurse was jumping up and down and screaming for me to get the doctor. So I freak out and start jumping too and run out and yell at some poor intern nurse person to find our doctor. I go back in to report and now they're both yelling! (okay they really weren't, its all in my mind). So then I find the doctor strolling toward our room and I yell at him (I really did… Sorry Doc.). He comes in, says some word after saying 'holy' and Nikki starts pushing some more. Fifteen minutes later… our beautiful daughter Peyton Tajma Hall is born at 20:36 hours, weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces. She is perfect! Got a 10/10 on her APGAR scores (just like I taught her to) and was the most beautifully pink baby I have ever seen and possibly ever will see. It was amazing and I encourage everyone and anyone who can to start making babies. I couldn't be happier or more blessed. I have the greatest wife and daughter anyone could ask for. I love them both more than they will ever know.

Sorry if you guys actually read all of this. Its really more for our records. But if you enjoyed it then I'm happy for you. Way to go. Talk to you all later. Maybe in the next couple weeks! I'll post again about how Sundance goes.


Alea said…
I found it quite entertaining! Nikki, you have a funny husband... And a super adorable baby girl!
Esplins said…
Michael well done! I loved reading your take on the whole event. So glad you're such a happy daddy. She is absolutely beautiful!
Brian and Kayla said…
Okay. That was hilarious. I should have had my hubby do this too. Instead he just gave me a certificate of natural childbirth with a trophy since everyone always told us "Why do it naturally? It isn't like you're going to get a trophy!". Ha.
paislea said…
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! this was a really good post. comical at times. and sentimental at others! very cute!!

miss you guys!

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