Monday, January 31, 2011

6 Weeks

Today Pey had her 6 week check up. She is still WAY off the charts! 
She is 26.5 in. in length and Weighs 10 lbs and 5oz. 
She was a punk the whole time... I guess she had a right to be. She was a sleep when we got there and so I had to undress her so they could weigh her, so she woke up cold and starving. She only wanted food, her binky was not good enough to tide her over. I breast feed, but in situations like this I give her a bottle and well just so happens I forgot the formula. I also can't find my cover and I wasn't about to breastfeed in public. Public being my Doctor and nurse, but still. 
Then our Doctor checked her vitals and stuff, her eye has been watering, I was worried she was getting sick. She is not just a clogged duct so I have to put pressure just below it a few times a day. Also he said for her skin and cradle cap to use Dove soap every other day and if that doesn't do it then there are medicines he can give her. 
Then came the worst part. SHOTS. Sadly daddy wasn't there at this visit. I had to be the one to hold her little arms. She cried the saddest cry I've ever heard, I even teared up a little myself. Poor baby girl. :(
After a about a minute she stopped and feel asleep. All that crying wore her out. 
I ♥ NY

*Yesterday was exactly 6 weeks and she rolled over! I have my mom and sister-in-laws as witnesses! 
* When I smile and talk to her she smiles back and sometimes makes cute noises. 
* The last few days she has discovered mom's hair, she is already pulling on it.
*She gets hiccups 3 or 4 times a day, so for now her nickname is hiccup. 
* P sleeps when ever she wants. Sometimes she will sleep through the night, most of the time she wakes up around 3:30.
* She still loves baths and we discovered she loves showers. She is like her mom and hates water on her face though.
* She is cooing, gooing, gurgling and grunting. My favorite are her sighs and her oooh's.
* P had her first taste of salt. Mike was eating chips and salsa and decide to see what she thought of his finger. Not a fan.
* She is still sleeping beside our bed in her bassinet. I think this week she will graduate out of it and to her crib. She is just too long.
* I have discovered how to feed her laying down. She has discovered that she loves our bed... A few nights ago I just let her fall asleep eating in our bed, First big mistake by mom. Do they make Serta pillow top mattresses for cribs? ;)
* Her acne is full blown now along with the cradle cap and dry skin.
* P is getting a little bald spot on the back of her head.
* She is a little stinker, she farted in Khols the other day and the people in the next isle probably thought it was me... That's embarrassing.
* Her eyes are getting more and more blue everyday.
* She didn't before, but when she cries now she will have actual tears :(
* She still only opens one eye if she is really tired. I finally got proof!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

One year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday to you!

"25... I never thought I'd be 25. I feel so old." -MWH
Silly boy you're not old. You don't look old and you certainly don't act old.
The day for Mike at about 8:00 started off with me nudging him saying go get Pey, it's your turn. I was up with her all night. If I had remembered it was his birthday I would have got up, but momma was dead tired.
I gave Mike one of his presents at midnight and made him wait till we woke up for the rest. Which included: Lots of Coke, Lots of Cheese and Lots of Clothes. His favorite of the presents I think is the Big Al Jefferson Jersey that you will see in the pics to come. Hard to say though because if you know this man you know his love for Coke and Cheese.

We went to Biaggi at the Gateway Mall in SLC. It was scrumtruelecent (a Mike word). We were off to the Jazz game with Papa and Mimi. Always a great time with the Halls! The Jazz won which I think was icing on the cake for Mikey.

Now for the mushy gushy stuff.
Micheal Wayne Hall
I love you. You are my one and only. You dad said it exactly right tonight. "We're perfect together" I love the way you constantly build me up. I love the way you comfort me when I am scared, even when I'm scared over something silly. I love the way you love our little girl. You are a wonderful daddy. I love the way Pey looks at you, when you sing your silly songs to her. I even love the way you kick butt at COD. I really don't love your love for BYU, but hey at least your not a zoob. I love the way you make me laugh. I love it when you hold me hand and make me feel so special. I love the way every time you see me you tell me how beautiful, hot, cute or sexy I am. I love the way you correct my spelling and even when you make fun of my Utah accent. I love the way you play stupid every time someone asks you if you are a serial killer because your name is Micheal Hall. Like on Dexter. Yes I just shared your little secret. :) You like making people feel stupid, your most favorite thing is awkward situations. Don't ask me people I don't get it either, I just love him. Mike this is getting long and you know how I feel about you and now so does the world. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, here's to many many more.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Pictures!

I think this is everyones favorite pic. It's Mikes and mine for sure.
Thanks to Tillie and Natalie for making the headband and bracelet!

So Happy!

Papa Halls favorite (grandpa)

Mike likes how different this one is. I love her tutu!

Mimi's Favorite (Grandma Hall)

A special thanks to Emily and Katy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Janae's Birthday!

Waiting to be seated at Applebee's!


Chris and Mike in deep thought about the menu :)

After dinner we went to Habits. Mike took P and went home to play Call of Duty and let mama go out to play.
 Kristen and I got our grove thang on with out our hubbies, but next time you bet your bottom they will be there!!

I came home late and found these two, so cute!

Fun and Busy Week!

This past week was a busy one and you won't hear me complaining! I have to admit when P is sleeping I get bored. It's nice to get out, i'm not use to being home all day and it's going to take some time to get use to being a stay at home mom. I need a hobby!
Anyway now back to the fun week full of excitement.
Brothers Hockey game! They were down by 1 and pulled the goalie to tie it! Amazing.


Playing with P


 Mimi (grandma Hall) got P a present and she loves it and so do her parents!

Krista, Cozy, Me and McKell

This is McKell kicking the bowling ball down the lane. :)
Krista holding Kaden (McKells baby boy)
McKell and her celebration dance!
Peyton, Braxton and Kaden

Dinner with my parents and watching the Jazz game!

Woke up early for family pics (post to come soon)
Sharolee's Bridal Shower
Tucanos with the Halls
Applebees and Habits for Janaes Birthday!

Dinner at the Parrys 
Lynnes Birthday!
One last hug with Matty, he is going back to Vitoria to serve his final year on his mission!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dad's Take on Peyton's Grand Entrance to the World

The past month has been an incredible one for Nikki and I. We have been oh so blessed to bring our new daughter into this crazy world, but more importantly into our beautiful 'little family'.

Nikki's pregnancy was not the easiest one for her. She put up with every kind of pain I could ever have imagined and never complained once. She is truly the strongest person I know. That is why I love her and am keeping her all to myself! Mine!

We were nervous as to how everything would go when delivery time came. My biggest nightmare was that it would all go down on a blustery cold night, with me driving through the snow with Nikki screaming about how she could see the head. Luckily we it did not happen like that. Not at all.

We went to the hospital the early in the morning of December 19th. Once we got there we checked in and were ready to commence. Nikki donned her exquisitely sexy hospital gown and I took up residence in my rocking chair. After nearly killing Nikki while inserting in the IV, the nurse came in and hollered "Alright! Lets pump some Pitocin!" (or something like that). Once the Pitocin was flowing we sat back and played the waiting game for the next couple of hours. Nikki's contractions were steady and getting stronger. Being the easily bored person that I am, I quickly found an American classic movie to watch while we waited ("Where Eagles Dare" [If you haven't seen it, you should stop reading this and go watch it right now.]). Nikki of course hated the movie and I found the constant 'blrumping' sounds the baby monitors were making a bit distracting. But it didn't ruin the movie. Seriously. Go watch it people.

Around 11:45 Nikki started feeling some pain from the contractions and we told the nurse we were ready to get the epidural. Nikki being Nikki, said that of course she had to use the lavatory before anything else could happen. So once she got back the pain from the contractions was miraculously gone! But the epidural had been ordered so we went with it anyway. You should have seen this needle! It was awesome! The anesthetist or who ever that stuck her did an awesome job. He was really good and even greater, Nikki was really good about it! I know she was dying inside from nervousness when they started but she took it like a great Roman champion. She conquered the epidural like a bullfighter taking a bull in España. Needless (Needles! Ha!) to say, I was proud.

Then we waited some more, and more, and then my rocking chair got uncomfortable, and Angry Birds wasn't as exciting, and I had sampled all the different cookies and crackers and Fig Newtons and juices in the kitchen. I was bored. Luckily Nikki was there to keep me company. It was still exciting. Especially when Pey Pey's little heart rate started to drop and the nurses all came running in screaming and shouting. Totally ruining the ambiance that I was trying to create. But its okay. They were just trying to keep my babes safe. Everything started over again. Waiting... waiting... waiting.

We also had family there to talk too and cheer us on. Some of them had pom poms and air horns and banners and someone was playing a tuba. It was great having everyone there to support us. So thank you family and friends that came. You all are wonderful and we will love you forever and ever and ever forever. Forever.

This is getting long.

So then eight o'clock rolled around we found out we were dilated enough to commence the debarkation. The doctor gave the okay for the nurse to start going over pushing techniques with us. So I grabbed another Fig Newton and joined Nikki and Nurse Flamboppity (no that's not her real name, I just can't remember what it was) and we started pushing. Nikki wasn't feeling all that great and thought she might throw some things up, so I went to get some more cream wafers for me and some ice chunkys for Nikki. In no time Nikki went and pushed too hard and as I walked in the Nurse was jumping up and down and screaming for me to get the doctor. So I freak out and start jumping too and run out and yell at some poor intern nurse person to find our doctor. I go back in to report and now they're both yelling! (okay they really weren't, its all in my mind). So then I find the doctor strolling toward our room and I yell at him (I really did… Sorry Doc.). He comes in, says some word after saying 'holy' and Nikki starts pushing some more. Fifteen minutes later… our beautiful daughter Peyton Tajma Hall is born at 20:36 hours, weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces. She is perfect! Got a 10/10 on her APGAR scores (just like I taught her to) and was the most beautifully pink baby I have ever seen and possibly ever will see. It was amazing and I encourage everyone and anyone who can to start making babies. I couldn't be happier or more blessed. I have the greatest wife and daughter anyone could ask for. I love them both more than they will ever know.

Sorry if you guys actually read all of this. Its really more for our records. But if you enjoyed it then I'm happy for you. Way to go. Talk to you all later. Maybe in the next couple weeks! I'll post again about how Sundance goes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 Weeks!

On Friday December 31 we had her 2 week check up. P weighs 8lbs 15oz. She is 22.5 inc. in length.
This is the face she makes usually when she is done eating. So cute!

 Grandma Parry kissing her head
 Grandpa Hall and P take a nap on Christmas
 Dane kissing Peyton's nose

PTH is now 2 weeks old and oh how they have flown by. It's funny how the second I found out I was expecting I wanted time to speed up and now that she is here I just want it to slow down, but it seems as if it's doing exact opposite...
* She does this thing where she won't open both eyes, she only opens one it's just a little. That's when we know she is dead tired.
* If you try and swaddle her she some how manages to get her arms out. She hates having them tucked in so now we don't even bother.
* She sometimes cries and it sounds like a little pig squeal (to go along with the snorting I mentioned the last post)
* She has no problem lifting her head, her neck is so very strong. 
* Peyton seems to be waking up around 4 then 6 then back to sleep till 9... I hope this doesn't become a habit... It's only been the last few days. Lets go back to last weeks sleeping schedule that was nice.
* She had her 1st real bath and she loved it! I even got some smiles out of her, I think she likes being naked.
* I left her for the first time for four hours. It was hard I got a little teary eyed, but Mike was there to cheer me up.
* Mike let her suck on an orange peel for a few seconds. P HATED it, she made some really funny faces though.
* Peyton loves her daddy and his kisses. Even though he doesn't shave.
* She has only had a little bit of baby acne, but I've heard it gets worse. (same with the cradle cap)
* Sometimes when she sleeps she makes a little sigh every time she breaths out. It's adorable!
* Just in case you haven't noticed she has the cutest double chin.