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39 Weeks

Monday was my first day not working in a very long time. The last few days have been hard because I’m just playing the waiting game. I cleaned our WHOLE house on Monday. Nesting? I think so!  I couldn’t sleep all night. Mike and I went to the Dr. Tuesday morning. He said he would induce me if I was a 10 on the Bishops Score, last week I was a 9.  He checked me and we calculated it and he said I was around an 8. He said really if you’re not a 10 then there is a high risk of Cesarean. So of course we will wait, I'm not against C-Sections since I was told once that I might have one, but I'm not going to take any risks. I have another Dr.  appointment on Friday for another check up. I am now 192lbs no thanks to egg nog…. I bought some yesterday around noon and as of right now it’s gone. It was only half a gallon, but still! I guess that means I’m off to the gym.  I have A LOT of Braxton Hicks through out the day, but I finally have had a few real contractions! OUCH!! I just wish the…

Winter thus far!

I have a bunch of random pictures that I haven't blogged about so here is one big post for all of them. 
Temple Square! We usually go on the 19th since that is a special day for us, but we hope to be in the hospital. :)
 The Girls at Chase and Tillies reception
Thanksgiving Dinner, the table looked so beautiful, way to go MOM! Colton waiting for everyone to sit down and being a nerd. 
My first Peddi! I won't like it was to ticklish for me.  I'll just stick to the Mani's :)

Our cute glitter toes! Can you tell which ones mine are?? Green and swollen!
Chase and Tillie! Married December 4th 2010