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A W is a W!

U of U vs BYU
      17 - 16 

Final StatsBYUUTAH1st Downs19143rd down6-154-154th down0-11-1Total Yards293296Passing228207Rushing6589Penalties2-203-40Turnovers43Possession32:3227:28Source: Box Score/Player Stats

Right now I have a lot of feelings running through my body. Not just because i'm pregnant, but the hormones sure don't help in this situation. I should be extactic right now, but I'm not. I am very happy in some ways because overall at the end of the day a W is a W.

I feel like Utah deserved the win a blocked field goal is no easy task. BYU had their chance. The stats are fairly even, obviously... It was a close game! I just have to say though it makes me mad when people don't loose graciously. I am tired of all complaining. Accept the loss and move on. It's not the last time BYU will play Utah.  

As Mike ( BYU fan)  and I (U of U fan) sat there during the first two quarters freezing to death we both discussed how we wanted to see some action and how both teams a…