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33,34,35 Weeks!

33 Weeks Peyton is the size of my favorite fruit! A PINEAPPLE! 4 lbs and 17+ inches!
I went to the Dr. and I weighed in at 178lbs again, no change from two weeks ago. I was a little concerned, but the Dr. said not to worry just make sure your taking your prenatals. Her heart is still strong and she is kicking more and harder than ever.

Last Sunday night I had I migraine. Not just a regular ole headache. A full on, down for the count, lock my self in a dark room and cry my self to sleep migraine... Mike held me as I threw up all night from the pain. He moved the Dr. Apt forward a few days. I have some strong painkillers now that are okay to take being pregnant. Mike really is Superman, there is no way I could have this baby with out him.
34 Weeks Cantaloupe Peyton is about 4 3/4 lbs  and almost 18 inches long.
35 Weeks Honeydew
Peyton is about 5 1/4 lbs and 18+ inches long.

I went to the Dr. and I weighed in a 182 lbs... Okay 4lbs in 2 weeks that's not so thrilling. I guess since I didn'…