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31 Weeks! 8 Months!

Today is Oct. 20th which means that I am due 2 months from today! 9 weeks or 60 days to go!

I had a Dr. apt today and for the third appointment in a row I've gain 6 pounds. Once again it's normal or so they say. I am 178 lbs and I am starting to really feel it, she is getting bigger and so am I. I measured 31 inches at 31 weeks which the Dr. said is perfect. I'm glad she is growing a good rate. I love hearing her heart beat, he said it sounds good.  My appointments are now every 2 weeks rather than 4 which tells me were getting close! 

Mike and the Dr. ganged up on me today. Dr. C asked me if I wanted a flu shot and I immediately said NO. The Dr. continued to tell me all of the benefits. I said I know, but to be honest i'd rather be sick for a day puking my guts out than get a shot. Then Mike chimed in and went on about how Peyton needs it. I was being interrogated by Mike and my Dr. I just kept saying no. no. no. then Dr. C reminded me of all the swine flu stuff and oth…