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It's not a 100% done, but you get the idea!
I was very nervous about this watermelon theme! I had a vision and I must say its a even cuter than I imagined. Good Job Nikki!
The shelf in this picture is actually from my nursery. White was its original color, but I think the black makes it!

There isn't any bedding yet because I wanted to see the colors of the room. So that will be another post another day! Hint: It will hopefully be similar to the block letters in the pictures below. :)

My crafty friend Paislea made this for me! What a sweetheart huh!?! Were going to put black ribbon on them and hang them up, but I wanted to blog about it. So here is sneak peak.  There is also another small shelf left of the letters, but you can't really see it I need to hang that up too... 

I did get 1 shelf hung up. You can see the baby mini mouse Aunt Whitney brought Peyton back from Disneyland! So cute she already has her first stuffed animal/teddy bear! :)
With our the black ribbon, but its …