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I will admit I've been dying to get new couches....  The couches we have had well they are college bachelor pad couches....

I don't have a pic of the blue one sadly, but you get the idea...

We just moved into our new home in LEHI!! I said the first thing I want are new couches!
And guess what we got!!! NICE NEW HUGE LEATHER COUCHES!!!

I should have taken a pic with all of the guys sitting because these pics don't do it justice as to how big they actually are!
Were still in the process of moving in but you get the idea!

Mike said-
Nikki's the best "Couch Lady" ever! 10:10 PM Jul 18th via txt

I was hoping this nickname was going to die after I got amazing couches. Nope! Now its just worse ;)


Mike, Colby, Payden and Phil
Not sure whats going on here... I'm guessing Mike wasn't to happy with his golf game and was having a little temper tantrum? 

UMMMMM???? I'm scarred...
I called Mike after find out I was pregnant... I was crying, but won't tell him why so this is him being a good husband and calming me down.... :)