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Memorial Day 2010

The Fam Damly decided to wake up at 5:00 and head up to Strawberry!
Lets just say I was one sick girl. It was still a ton of fun though! We weren't catching anything at Strawberry besides a Crawdad named Hermin. So we decided to take the kiddys down to the State Park in Midway.

One of my favorite traditions is eating breakfast at Daniels Summit Mountain Lodge. We stopped there and ate our hearts out then it was off to the park.

After that we all went home and slept for a few hours then it was a BBQ at the Parry home! I found out that I am not very good at badminton..... We had some very tasty Shish kabobs!

Then it was off to the graves. I love going to the graves because of how decorated they are on Memorial Day.
I always get a little emotional when my whole family is there because I think I should not be standing here with them I should have my own head stone. I am so grateful that I am alive and for the family that I have. Its nice that we can all get together and that we all g…