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What a Beautiful Day!


 My Version of a The song!

06 December 19th met at Fridays
06 December 31st Mike shaved thinking he was going to get a kiss.
07 January 4th hot tubing at Mike’s apartment First Kiss.
07 February 4th Vegas trip where we fell in love
08 January 9th Broke Up
08 December 19th Purposed at Temple sq.
09 May 2nd Wedding day!
10 April 17th Found out were having a baby!

Day ONE I am thankful you said Hello
Day TWELVE I stopped by on New Years
You kissed me for the first time on Day SIXTEEN
Day Forty Seven drove to Vegas and you said I love you to me. 
Day Three Hundred and Eight One You almost lost me to your foolish pride.
Day Seven Hundred and Thirty You asked me what I was doing for the rest of my life.
We said I DO on Day Eight Hundred and Sixty Four.
Day One Thousand Two Hundred and Fourteen we found out were going to be Parents!


I delete emails after reading t…