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April 17th is the day we found out we are adding to our family! It was also the day we found out they ACCEPTED OUR OFFER!
We are closing on the 10th of JUNE!  It is in LEHI! Far away from Provo! If you guys want the address email me. Were up by Cabelas and Thanksgiving Point!
I can’t believe we are going to have a house! I have no idea what we are going to fill it with….
I don't have very good pictures yet, but don't you worry in 2 weeks I will!!!

Some of my favorite things about this house are:
1. The stone on the house you can't see the detail of it, but I love it!
2. The storage and the space! There are closets everywhere!
3. The double sinks in the bathroom! We don't have this in our house now and oh how I missed it. I did at my parents and it was nice having separate sides away from boys!! NO MORE WHISKERS IN MY SINK!!!
4. It backs to a park! When we get dogs they are going to love it! Bring on the BBQS!
5. Jetted Tub! I love my baths!
6. Hardwood floors in kitch…