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Breath Taking!

I am 8 weeks and 1 day today! My Mom, Micheal and I went to the doctors and he did an ultrasound and let us hear the heart beat! It was breath taking! It was such an amazing experience we all teared up even my hubby! If the throwing up didn't make it real. This certainly did!!!!

What do you guys think?
For a boy:  Houston Michael Hall or  Wyatt Micheal Hall
For a girl:   Peyton Tajma Hall     or   Sawyer Tajma Hall

Sorry I lost a bet once with the middle name being Tajma so I can't change that for the girl :(

I wanna hear your opinions!

Other top names:
Girl: Presley, Paislea, Lilly
Boy: Wyatt, Jaxon
 I guess that's it for now. You could say i'm a country girl by the name I choose :)

 2009 Most Popular Names

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