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Marriage is what brings us together today!

So many people are getting married and I love it! Join to married club!!! It ROX!!!

God created marriage, for he knew we'd need a friend.
To share our hopes and dreams with, and love us 'till the end.
God created marriage, to teach us how to share.
All our earthly assets, and make us more aware;
That someone else's feelings, are more important than our own.
And not one of us is perfect, so we can't cast a stone.
God created marriage,to teach us to forgive.
His life was our example, He showed us how to give.
God created marriage, to teach us how to say.
"I love you" to another person, each and every day.
April 22nd 2010 Colby and Heather Danklef
May 22nd 2010 Kristen and Nate Tesch July 23rd 2010 Amy and Sam Naugle
August 5th 2010 Janae and Spencer Larsen