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March and April

Mckell, Cozy, Krista and I got together and went to TEXAS Roadhouse! SOO YUMMY!  Mckell holding Braxton (Cosettes's Baby boy) Krista and Cozy!
Kelly and I and Braxton They were making fun of me because I am so stiff and awkward when I hold newborns....

Payden and Mike Made me watch this show...

...... About 15 min into it THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!

 I couldn't change it because like ever half our they'd wake up look at the T.V. and go back to sleep.

1 of 2 cats this is White Sox he is 16 and deaf. I love this kitty.
Not really sure why I took this.

At work Cade and Tabitha Baby!  SO CUTE!

Went and saw The Last Song with Sara and Melissa.
I guess the whole movie...... Luckily they had already seen it so I didn't ruin it for them.
I still cried like a little baby though.

Look what we found!!!


Cash please! Did you know Zions bank has $1 bills in a book!  Mike gave it to me before he went to Vegas. I gave him sideburns. He was trying to drive but I kept taking …