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2nd Best Day of my LIFE! GO JAZZ!!!!

I work for a company called CREXENDO and I was given the Honorary Coach Tix for tonights game. Utah JAZZ vs. New Orleans Hornets. 

I must say this was one of the coolest experiences of my life!
Where to start?
From the beginning!
Mike, Frank, Colton Lynne and I arrived at the Energy Solutions Center at 6:00 pm
Colton and Lynne went to the Special Dinner cus they had those tix. While Mike my dad and I went down on to the court. We watched Korver and a few other players warm up for a bit then the whole team came out and we watched them too. Then it was game time!
Mike and Frank went to their seats while I stayed down right behind the players. I sat next to the team doctor. Very friendly guy I must say! He asked me about where I was from and stuff like that. Then I asked him do you know when AK will be back to play. He said hopefully Monday. I said do you know if he will come sit out here? He said i'm sure he will. (for those of you that don't know Andrei is my favorite!) Boy did he co…