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I met all of you in elementary! I am so glad all of you are still in my life today! I love you guys!
I know I have made many friends after elementary, but these are the original friends! I was trying to find old pictures and I couldn't :( anyway here you go guys!

Spencer Thomas Larsen- Spence,  My Best Man, My Maid of Honor what ever you wanna call him. The one who knows my good and bad side. He has always been there.  I believe at Jordan Petersons house, but to be honest I'm not sure. Spencer you are the person who has seen my cry more than anyone. I can tell anything to you! You are my best friend and I know that anything I do or say you will never judge me thanks for being there over the years!

Emilee Westover Williams- Em, One day Emilee came down with  her brother Mike. At first we were little brats to each other, I'm guess because were are so much a like. We would build forts and ride my horses bare back. Emilee has gone through a lot in her life. I look …