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Totally Random!

Driving home in the rain and Mike saw this! How cute its our Initals! MNH! I'm so glad he notices the small stuff!

Our faucet broke on Saturday before going to look at houses to buy. Lucky I'm married to Mr. Fix it!
Our shiny new knob, no more flimsy plastic!
IT CAME! YES YES YES! Check it! MAX HALL HATES U! U as it ME he he he I took it in the mirror so its flipped.

"Stay Classy San Diego"- Ron Burgendy Now its Stay Classy Utah! Max I'm trying really hard to stay class just for you!
I love walking around Provo and Orem. You should of heard the Zoobies at Noodles@Co. Talking about me and my awesome shirt! Ha Ha Ha good times!