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Picture This

Its 2:00 AM and someone just said something probably not that funny, but you can't help but laugh your butt off! I feel like that is Mike and Nikki all the time! We make each other laugh all day every day!
We are both crazy people and very weird.
I am starting this list because I want to remember the odd things we do apart and together.

1. I cannot drink out of glass cups with out a straw, unless its at a home and even then I hate it!
2. I cannot drink hot coco at a gas station with out 5 red mini straws.
3. If I'm cold then I am as ornery as a bear.
4. TMI- I can't use the bathroom anywhere else besides my house or my parents house.
5. I'm a very picky eater! I do not like chocolate, bananas, most nuts, pie, mushrooms, ham, bacon, pretty much pork! Unless its sweet pork from Costa Vida.
6. Mike says I always sneeze twice I can't just sneeze once.
7. I cannot go into a bathroom with the lights off. Its the mirror that gets me. (we played bloody Mary as a kid)
8. …