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Les Miserable by Pleasant Grove High School!

If you haven't ever seen Les Miserables then you are missing out! Its hard to pick an all time favorite song, but if I had to it would be Bring Him Home. Its sooo good!  My playlist is dedicated to Les Miserables. You have to listen to Bring Him Home. PGHS did a great job! I felt old going back.
TANGENT ALERT!!! - I can't believe I've been graduated 3 years. I've been out of high school longer than I was in high school. Honestly I miss high school. No, I don't miss the drama and the ex. I miss Dance and Softball! I also miss getting all dressed up and going to the dances. I still have all of my dresses! They still fit, yes I tried them on for the cruise. I miss not having to work all day and not having big responsibilities. RESPONSIBILITY WHATS THAT? On the other hand i'm so happy to be where I am. Married and Sealed to my one true love. What more is there? I'm in heaven, but every now and then I miss hell a little. ;)
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Front and Center, w…

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

CHANGE OF PLAN! Hey everyone we called Macaroni Grill and they told us we can't go at there. So were now going to Shoots its a Chinese food place. We hope you all will still come! Its still in Riverwoods just next to Tucanos. Sorry for the change.

WHY: Because Mikey is turning 24!

He told me I can't throw him a party so I said fine we will have a little get together! Which means your ALL invited!!!

DATE: January 23rd yes this Saturday, his birthday is next Friday, but he is "working" at the Sundance Film Festival.

EVENTS: 5:00 @ Macaroni Grill   SHOOTS in Orem in the Riverwoods by Tucanos.

                8:00 @ Wise Guys in Orem at Parkway Crossing.

A card for my geek!