39 Weeks

Monday was my first day not working in a very long time. The last few days have been hard because I’m just playing the waiting game. I cleaned our WHOLE house on Monday. Nesting? I think so!  I couldn’t sleep all night. Mike and I went to the Dr. Tuesday morning. He said he would induce me if I was a 10 on the Bishops Score, last week I was a 9.  He checked me and we calculated it and he said I was around an 8. He said really if you’re not a 10 then there is a high risk of Cesarean. So of course we will wait, I'm not against C-Sections since I was told once that I might have one, but I'm not going to take any risks. I have another Dr.  appointment on Friday for another check up.
I am now 192lbs no thanks to egg nog…. I bought some yesterday around noon and as of right now it’s gone. It was only half a gallon, but still! I guess that means I’m off to the gym. 
I have A LOT of Braxton Hicks through out the day, but I finally have had a few real contractions! OUCH!! I just wish they'd get worse and closer together, but after about 3 they stop. I guess it's better than nothing right?


Esplins said…
It took me a sec to figure out that first pic. I know it's hard to believe when you don't feel it but I promise you're looking great! You're so close!! I really hope she comes on the 19th too. I like when dates work out like that. Keep me posted! Can't wait to hear the news.
Alea said…
I love that first picture! When she does come I hope to see lots of pictures. :)
Alea said…
I love that first picture! When she does come I hope to see lots of pictures. :)
paislea said…
i miss you at worrrrrk! i hope you're doing well! let me know if you need anything!!! i would love to run by at lunch just to see you!!

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Brian and Kayla said…
Talk to Sheri about ways to get your body in labor. Hahaha. I'm serious. It is way to personal to tell you over this comment but her advice was good...I know it is cold outside but a WHOLE lot of walking should help too. Good luck!

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