1 Week

On Friday Dec. 24th at her doctors visit Peyton weighed 8.5 lbs which puts her in the 75th percentile. Most babies loose weight after birth, but not this girl. She measured 22.5 inc. which put her in the 99th percentile!!! She is off the charts, I know she doesn't get it from me it must be from Mike.

Mike said "It's amazing how much I love her after 7 days, I can't imagine my life with out her."
Mike took these photos at our house, pretty impressive I must say. He has a hidden talent!

A hint of green eyes, but mostly blue.
She is partially smiling, I love it when she smiles!
 P looks like she is picking her nose, but if you look close she isn't. I still think it's funny and cute.
 This is how most of the pictures turned out :) I'm glad we got a few amazing ones though.
* She has an attitude, if I don't feed her the second she decides she is hungry she thinks she is going to die and lets everyone know!
* She has different cries, I like the quite little whimper cry. She likes screaming...( going along with the first bullet point)
* She hates lights. She gets a huge scowl every time I turn one on, sleep or awake.
* She has figured out her binky or a finger doesn't provide milk. She also gets a scowl if you try and trick her. (I need to take a picture)
* She is spoiled! We knew she would be since she is the first grand baby on both sides, but it's more then I ever would have thought. In a good way.
* I don't mind waking up all hours of the night, it is usually her happiest times.
* Every time we are alone and she looks into my eyes I can't help but cry. I love her.
* Sometimes she snorts like a little piggy when she eats. It is so cute.
* Mike and I are bias, but she is the cutest baby we've ever seen. Even the nurses at the hospital said so... They probably say that to everyone lol.
* 5 out of 7 nights she has slept for 6 hours! 1 of those nights she slept for 8!!! Mike and I are very blessed.

I think that is enough for now. There are more, but I need to save them for next week :)


She is such a doll! Addie is the same way with the eating. I couldn't help but laugh when you said that she acts like she is going to die! Addie is fine one second and then screaming the next. It's so amazing how you can love someone so much so quickly! Glad you guys are loving parenthood. It's the best!
Esplins said…
I'm so glad things are going well. She is beautiful!
sharon. said…
She really is ADORABLE!
Whitney said…
precious!!! she's adorable! You make me that much more excited to have mine here already! I'm so glad to hear everything is going well for you guys! keep bloggin! I love readin it!
paislea said…
aweeeee!!! she's too cute nikki! i cannot wait to come and see her!!!

Arica said…
She really is adorable. I always loved all their different cries too! I can't wait to meet her!

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